List of Hotel Nikko & JAL City facilities in Japan where JAL COUPONs and e JAL POINT can be used.


*Please read "JAL COUPON GUIDE" and "e JAL POINT GUIDE" before using the facilities.
*Applicable Hotels and shops are subject to change without prior notice.
*Some facilities may not be used by paying in JAL COUPONs or e JAL POINT depending on the hotels. Therefore please check applicability in advance.
*JAL Coupons cannot be used in duplication with other discounts of designated facilities or shops within the hotel.
Method of usage of JAL Coupon and e JAL POINT at hotels.


Hotel name Cities Telephone numbers Facilities
JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo Sapporo 011-251-2222 Coffee Shop
"Cafe Serena"
Sky Restaurant "Tancho"
French Restaurant "Mikuni Sapporo"
Restaurant & Bar "SKY J"
Hotel Shop "La Poche"
Sky Resort Spa "Pulau Bulan"
Hotel Nikko Northland Obihiro Obihiro 0155-24-1234 Lounge "Aurora"
Chinese Dining "J China"
Hotel Shop "La Poche"
Hotel JAL City Aomori Aomori 017-732-2580 Restaurant "LA Sera"
Hotel JAL City Sendai Sendai 022-711-2580 Restaurant "Jolie"
Japanese Cuisine "Washunkaku"
Bar "J-Lounge"
Hotel Nikko Narita Narita 0476-32-0032 Sky Bar Lounge "Sunset Lounge"
Garden Restaurant "Serena"
Chinese Restaurant "Toh-Lee"
Garden "Jardin Serena" (Open on summer season)
Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba Tokyo 03-5500-6711 Teppan-yaki "HAMAYU"
Dining&Bar "STAR ROAD"
Chinese Restaurant "RO-LAN"
Main Bar "RUY LOPEZ"
Lobby Cafe "LE BOUQUET"
Cafe Restaurant "HERBETTE"
Bakery & Pastry Shop
Chinese Restaurant "Ginza RO-LAN"
Hotel Nikko Tachikawa Tokyo Tachikawa, Tokyo 042-521-1111 All Day Dining "Shatou"
Hotel JAL City Tamachi Tokyo  Tamachi, Tokyo 03-5444-0202 "Brasserie Gardenear Pisces"
Chinese Cuisine "Ryuoh"
Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo 03-5735-2525 Cafe&Dining HARUHORO
Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo West Wing Haneda, Tokyo 03-5735-2525 -
Kawasaki Nikko Hotel Kawasaki 044-244-5941 Cafe Restaurant "NATURA"
Bar "Vol de Nuit"
Karaoke "Apollon"
Hotel JAL City Kannai Yokohama Yokohama 045-661-2580 Cafe & Restaurant "Silk"
Hotel Nikko Niigata Niigata 025-240-1888 All Day Dining "Serena"
Library Lounge "Fountain"
Chinese Restaurant "Toh-Lee"
Hotel Shop(3F)
Hotel Nikko Kanazawa Kanazawa 076-234-1111 Buffet Restaurant "Garden House"
Japanese Cuisine "Benkay"
Chinese Cuisine "Toh-Lee"
Teppan Grill "Icho"
Sky Lounge "Le Grand Chariot"
Lobby Lounge "Fountain"
Main Bar "Vol de Nuit"
Select Shop
European Cuisine "La PLAGE"
Hotel JAL City Nagano Nagano 026-225-1131 Sky Banquet "Hakuba" *Available for Breakfast only.
Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto Kyoto 075-342-2111 Teppanyaki "Hoen"
Japanese Restaurant & Tempura-kappo "Sagano"
Chinese Restaurant "Jade Garden (Hisuien)"
Main Bar "Darley"
Cafe "Amber Court"
Kyoto Specialties Shop "Nagomi"
Jewelry Shop "Crescent Vert"
Hotel Nikko Osaka Osaka 06-6244-1111 Cafe Restaurant "Serena"
Japanese Cuisine "Benkay"
Chinese Cuisine "Toh-Lee"
French Cuisine "Les Celebrites"
Teppan-yaki "Icho"
Bar Lounge "Sky Cruiser"
Main Bar "Vol de Nuit"
Lobby Lounge
Tea Lounge "Fountain"
Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport Osaka 072-455-1111 All Day Dining "The Brasserie"
Chinese Restaurant "Toh-Lee"
Japanese Restaurant "Hanazato"
"Jet Stream" (Advance reservation required)
Teppan-yaki "Icho" (Advance reservation required)
Hotel Nikko Himeji Himeji 079-222-2231 Cafe Restaurant "Serena"
Tea Lounge "Fountain"
Chinese Restaurant "Toh-Lee"
Teppan Grill "Icho"
Bar Lounge "Vol de Nuit"
Hotel Nikko Nara Nara 0742-35-8831 Restaurant "Serena"
Japanese Restaurant "Yoshino"
Chinese "Shuko"
Teppan Grill "Icho"
Lobby Lounge "Fountain"
Hotel JAL City Hiroshima Hiroshima 082-223-2580 Italian Restaurant "Fontana"
Hotel JAL City Matsuyama
  • * Okura Nikko Hotel Management will terminate the management as of June 30, 2017.
Matsuyama 089-913-2580 Restaurant "La Terraza"
Japanese Restaurant "Sawafuku"
Hotel Nikko Kochi Asahi Royal Kochi 088-885-5111 Restaurant "La Terraza"
Tea Room "Fruity"
Hotel Nikko Fukuoka Fukuoka 092-482-1111 French Cuisine "Les Celebrites"
Cafe Restaurant "Serena"
Teppan-yaki "Icho"
Japanese Cuisine "Benkay"
Chinese Cuisine "Kohro"
Lounge "Tea and Cocktail Lounge"
Bar "Vol de Nuit"
Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki) Nagasaki 0956-27-3000 Casual Restaurant "Lavanderoie"
Japanese Cuisine "Ajisai"
Bar "Casablanca"
Hotel JAL City Nagasaki Nagasaki 095-825-2580 Cafe Restaurant
Chinese Restaurant "Toh-en"
Hotel Nikko Kumamoto Kumamoto 096-211-1111 Japanese Restaurant "Benkay"
Buffet Dining "AsoShed"
Chinese Restaurant "Tao-Li"
Lounge "Fountain"
French Cuisine "Les Celebrites"
Cake Shop "La Patissiere"
Hotel JAL City Miyazaki Miyazaki 0985-25-2580 Brasserie "Bernerd"
JAL Private Resort Okuma (Okinawa) Okinawa 0980-41-2222 Teppanyaki "Adan"
Western Cuisine "Surfside Cafe"
Japanese & Okinawa Local Cuisine "Iju"
Western & Barbecue Restaurant "BEACHSIDE"
Beach Café "OASIS"
Hotel Nikko Alivila/Yomitan Resort Okinawa Okinawa 098-982-9111 Brasserie "Verdemar"
Japanese Ryukyu Cuisine "Sawa"
Chinese "Kinshasa"
Teppan-yaki "Gosamaru"
Casual Buffet "HANAHANA"
Grotto Bar "ALTAMIRA"
Beach House "SOL"
Lounge "Aria Cara"
Hotel JAL City Naha Naha 098-866-2580 Restaurant "Bon Appetit"
Hotel Nikko Yaeyama (Ishigaki)
  • * Okura Nikko Hotel Management will terminate the management as of March 31, 2017.
Ishigaki 0980-83-3311 SKY LOUNGE  "CAPRICORN"
Barbecue Restaurant "Harusa"
Lounge "Virgo"
Okinawan House Style Tavern "HAMAYU" (Available between April and September)

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