List of JAL Hotels facilities in Japan where JAL COUPONs and e JAL POINT can be used.


*Please read "JAL COUPON GUIDE" and "e JAL POINT GUIDE" before using the facilities.
*Applicable Hotels and shops are subject to change without prior notice.
*Some facilities may not be used by paying in JAL COUPONs or e JAL POINT depending on the hotels. Therefore please check applicability in advance.
*JAL Coupons cannot be used in duplication with other discounts of designated facilities or shops within the hotel.
Method of usage of JAL Coupon and e JAL POINT at JAL HOTELS


Hotel name Cities Telephone numbers Facilities
JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo Sapporo 011-251-2222 Coffee Shop
"Cafe Serena"
Sky Restaurant "Tancho"
French Restaurant "Mikuni Sapporo"
Restaurant & Bar "SKY J"
Hotel Shop "La Poche"
Sky Resort Spa "Pulau Bulan"
Hotel Nikko Northland Obihiro Obihiro 0155-24-1234 Lounge "Aurora"
Japanese Cuisine "Tancho"
Chinese Dining "J China"
Hotel Shop "La Poche"
Hotel JAL City Aomori Aomori 017-732-2580 Restaurant "LA Sera"
Hotel JAL City Sendai Sendai 022-711-2580 Restaurant "Jolie"
Japanese Cuisine "Washunkaku"
Bar "J-Lounge"
Hotel Nikko Niigata Niigata 025-240-1888 All Day Dining "Serena"
Library Lounge "Fountain"
Chinese Restaurant "Toh-Lee"
Hotel Shop(3F)
Hotel JAL City Nagano Nagano 026-225-1131 Sky Banquet "Hakuba" *Available for Breakfast only.
Hotel Nikko Narita Narita 0476-32-0032 Sky Bar Lounge "Sunset Lounge"
Garden Restaurant "Serena"
Chinese Restaurant "Toh-Lee"
Garden "Jardin Serena" (Open on summer season)
Hotel Nikko Tokyo
*JMB partnership will terminate as of September 30, 2015
Daiba, Tokyo 03-5500-5500 Continental Restaurant "Terrace on the Bay"
Japanese Restaurant "Sakura"
Sushi Bar "Tachibana"
Tempura "Yoshino"
Teppan Grill "Icho"
Mediterranean Restaurant "Ocean Dining"
Chinese Restaurant "Togu"
Grill & Wine "Taronga"
Main Bar "Captain's Bar"
Lounge & Champagne Bar "Veranda"
Hotel shop "Premium Palette"
Hotel JAL City Tamachi Tokyo  Tamachi, Tokyo 03-5444-0202 "Brasserie Gardenear Pisces"
Chinese Cuisine "Ryuoh"
Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo 03-5735-2525 Cafe Restaurant "Sora"
Kawasaki Nikko Hotel Kawasaki 044-244-5941 Cafe Restaurant "NATURA"
Bar "Vol de Nuit"
Karaoke "Apollon"
Hotel JAL City Kannai Yokohama Yokohama 045-661-2580 Cafe & Restaurant "Silk"
Hotel Nikko Kanazawa Kanazawa 076-234-1111 Buffet Restaurant "Garden House"
Japanese Cuisine "Benkay"
Chinese Cuisine "Toh-Lee"
Teppan Grill "Icho"
Sky Lounge "Le Grand Chariot"
Lobby Lounge "Fountain"
Main Bar "Vol de Nuit"
Select Shop
European Cuisine "La PLAGE"
Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto Kyoto 075-342-2111 Teppanyaki "Hoen"
Japanese Restaurant & Tempura-kappo "Sagano"
Chinese Restaurant "Jade Garden (Hisuien)"
Main Bar "Darley"
Cafe "Amber Court"
Kyoto Specialties Shop "Nagomi"
Jewelry Shop "Crescent Vert"
Hotel Nikko Nara Nara 0742-35-8831 Restaurant "Serena"
Japanese Restaurant "Yoshino"
Chinese "Shuko"
Teppan Grill "Icho"
Lobby Lounge "Fountain"
Hotel Nikko Osaka Osaka 06-6244-1111 Tea Lounge "Fountain"
Cafe Restaurant "Serena"
Main Bar "Vol de Nuit"
Lobby Lounge
Japanese Cuisine "Benkay"
Sushi "Semba"
Chinese Cuisine "Toh-Lee"
French Cuisine "Les Celebrites"
Teppan-yaki "Icho"
Bar Lounge "Sky Cruiser"
Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport Osaka 072-455-1111 All Day Dining "The Brasserie"
Chinese Restaurant "Toh-Lee"
Japanese Restaurant "Hanazato"
"Jet Stream" (Advance reservation required)
Teppan-yaki "Icho" (Advance reservation required)
Hotel Nikko Himeji Himeji


Cafe Restaurant "Serena"
Tea Lounge "Fountain"
Chinese Restaurant "Toh-Lee"
Teppan Grill "Icho"
Bar Lounge "Vol de Nuit"
Hotel JAL City Hiroshima Hiroshima 082-223-2580 Italian Restaurant "Fontana"
Hotel JAL City Matsuyama Matsuyama 089-913-2580 Restaurant "La Terraza"
Japanese Restaurant "Sawafuku"
Hotel Nikko Kochi Asahi Royal Kochi 088-885-5111 Restaurant "La Terraza"
Tea Room "Fruity"
Hotel Nikko Fukuoka Fukuoka 092-482-1111 French Cuisine "Les Celebrites"
Cafe Restaurant "Serena"
Teppan-yaki "Icho"
Japanese Cuisine "Benkay"
Chinese Cuisine "Kohro"
Lounge "Tea and Cocktail Lounge"
Bar "Vol de Nuit"
Hotel JAL City Nagasaki Nagasaki 095-825-2580 Cafe Restaurant
Chinese Restaurant "Toh-en"
Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki 0956-27-3000 Casual Restaurant "Lavanderoie"
Japanese Cuisine "Ajisai"
Bar "Casablanca"
Hotel Nikko Kumamoto Kumamoto 096-211-1111 Japanese Restaurant "Benkay"
Brasserie "Serena"
Chinese Restaurant "Tao-Li"
Lounge "Fountain"
Restaurant "El Fuego"
French Cuisine "Les Celebrites"
* From June 27, 2014
Cake Shop "La Patissiere"
Hotel JAL City Miyazaki Miyazaki 0985-25-2580 Brasserie "Bernerd"
Hotel Nikko Naha/
Grand Castle
Naha 098-886-5454 Japanese Cuisine "Fuji"
Chinese Cuisine "Shunten"
Restaurant "Serena"
Bar "Sunset Lounge"
Lounge "Tropical Lounge"
Hotel JAL City Naha Naha 098-866-2580 Restaurant "Bon Appetit"
JAL Private Resort Okuma Okinawa 0980-41-2222 Teppanyaki "Adan"
Western Cuisine "Surfside Cafe"
Japanese & Okinawa Local Cuisine "Iju"
Western & Barbecue Restaurant "BEACHSIDE"
Beach Café "OASIS"
Hotel Nikko Alivila/Yomitan Resort Okinawa Okinawa 098-982-9111 Brasserie "Verdemar"
Japanese Ryukyu Cuisine "Sawa"
Chinese "Kinshasa"
Teppan-yaki "Gosamaru"
Herb & Grill "Hana Hana"
Awamori Izakaya "Altamira"
Karaoke "Don Juan"
Lounge "Aria Cara"
Hotel Nikko Yaeyama Ishigaki 0980-83-3311 SKY LOUNGE  "CAPRICORN"
Barbecue Restaurant "Harusa"
Lounge "Virgo"
Okinawan House Style Tavern "HAMAYU" (Available  until end of Sep.)

Due to the termination of JMB partnership, payments by JAL Coupons and JAL IC Coupons at the following hotel(s) are not accepted.

Hotel name Cities Telephone numbers Facilities
Hotel Nikko Kurashiki
*JMB partnership will terminate as of September 30, 2014.
Kurashiki 086-423-2400 French Restaurant "Hachikengura"
Japanese Restaurant "Kurashiki"
Cafe Lounge "Ravenna"
Bar "Heisa Bar"

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