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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)


Please allow us to provide an explanation of the types of assistance we provide, from boarding at the departure airport to claiming baggage upon arrival.

Assistance in Flight

  • Passengers are required to sit upright for take off and landing.
  • Cabin attendants are not authorized to give special assistance (e.g. lifting) to particular passengers, to the detriment of their service to other passengers.
  • Cabin attendants are trained only in FIRST AID and are not permitted to administer any injection, or to give medication. We request an escort to apply any assistance and functions required by the passenger during the flight.
  • A personal safety briefing will be given to any customer at their request. Included in the briefing is an explanation of the location of the life jacket and emergency exits.
  • We have prepared information on emergency facilities, "Safety Instruction," in Braille.

    For details, please see "A Guide in Braille."

  • Cabin attendants can provide assistance in preparing to eat a meal, such as cutting up food, opening packages and identifying food: however they cannot provide assistance in actual eating.
  • Cabin attendants will help you write your embarkation form.
  • Items and Equipment Available in Flight