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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)

To Ensure a Comfortable, Enjoyable Journey

Please read the following before boarding the aircraft.

Helpful Suggestions

As the need of disabled passengers vary enormously from person to person, passengers with disabilities have a various needs for special assistance. You are the best judge of the service you require. Furthermore, we recommend that you let us know your needs or your information as soon as possible in advance.

If we are doing more or less than you need, please let us know. The more information we have concerning any special assistance you may require, the more prepared we can be and the better we can assist you during your trip.

Generally speaking, commercial air travel is one of the most comfortable, speedy and safe means of transportation. Most people are fit to travel by air, but special attention is required for passengers whose health problems may be exacerbated by altitude, hypoxia, travel stress, changing climates and food as well as other travel related difficulties.

It is recommended that passengers with diseases and injury consult their physicians in advance.