A Guide for Customers with Disabilities JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT

Customers with Intellectual Disablity or Developmental Disability

Upon Reservation

Please advise us upon reservation of your request for assistance at the airport or in the cabin.

Please refer to [Customers with Walking Disabilities] if you require the use of a wheelchair.

About an Escort

We are required to check if you can take care of your personal needs in the cabin upon reservation. If not, for safety reasons, we need to ask you to have an escort or attendant who can help and assist when boarding, during take-off/ landing, and in an emergency.


The escort above cannot be accompanied by an infant under 3 years old. In this case, please arrange another escort to take care of the infant.
Furthermore, a Priority Guest (Intellectually disabled or developmentally disabilities) accompanied by an infant and/or a child must also arrange another escort to take care of the children.

About advance seat selection service

Please advise us if you have any seating preference, such as seat with movable armrests or a seat near lavatory

  • *We are unable to arrange exit seats due to safety requirements.
  • *Please be advised that seat assignments are subject to change, due to the reasons such as aircraft change.
  • *Please contact us to check if you are eligible for the services you request. Some service is not provided for certain fare types.

Guidance of Boarding

About guidelines of check in time

We advise you to come to the airport early with sufficient time.


DOM 1 hour prior to departure

INT 2 hours prior to departure

Please refer to below for details on wheelchair-accessible lavatory and airport facilities.

DOM airport guide

INT airport guide

  • *We offer special check in counter "Smile support counter" for some airports.

Security Check

Priority Guests are subject to the same security requirements as general customers.
You cannot receive simplified screening or priority over other customers at security checkpoints simply because you have the disabilities.
If you have any prior request you want to make at the airport, please do so upon reservation. We offer service such as "assistance to the gate", if requested.

Priority boarding service

Priority Guests can benefit from our pre-boarding service. Please contact our staff near the gate for this service.

In the Cabin

Please advise us you request for assistance in the cabin.

Upon Airport Arrival

Our airport staff can take you to the arrival lobbies or to your pick up at your request.

Contact Us

Information & Reservation

  • *The content of the conversation will be recorded or monitored to ensure the service quality.


INT8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. daily

DOM7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. daily



Information about services for disabled customers

JAL Priority Guest Center

0120-747-707(toll free dial)

For customers with hearing/speech impairments


(Please replace /at/ with @.)


0120-747-606(toll free dial)
365 days a year

  • *Fax us your relevant information(no official application form required).

Customers in Japan and Guam are (exclusively) qualified to access the opens in new windowJAL Telephone Relay Service through chat(function).

Information for JAL Smile Support Service

DOM JAL Smile Support

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