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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)

Guidance and Issues When Making Reservations

What you should know before you make a reservation.

Medical Clearance

As explained in "To Ensure a Comfortable, Enjoyable Journey," the passenger's health may deteriorate due to flight time, high altitudes and the cabin environment. Stress and the physical challenges of a complex airport environment should not be overlooked as well. Considering these points, company medical clearance is required of passengers who have undergone recent surgery, who are ill or have been ill or injured, or who are using medical equipment at home. The objective of medical clearance is to provide safe, healthy travel, and a high level of customer satisfaction and to prevent delays and diversions as a result of deterioration in the passenger's condition.

The following passengers require medical clearance. JAL's medical information sheet (MEDIF) must be presented to your local JAL office or Priority Guest Center, which will provide the final clearance.

  • Passengers requiring special services such as oxygen, a stretcher or carriage and use of medical equipment
  • Passengers whose fitness for air travel is questionable, or whose medical condition may be made worse by air travel

    For details, please see "Passengers Not Suited for Air Travel."

  • Passengers whose injury, illness or medical condition could cause significant problems for the passenger or others in flight
  • Passengers requiring hospitalization for medical reasons or treatment