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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)

Guidance and Issues When Making Reservations

What you should know before you make a reservation.

For Passengers on Code Share Flights

In the cases of some code-share flights operated by our partner airlines, you may not be able to arrange for a stretcher, medical oxygen bottles, battery-powered wheelchairs or other services provided by JAL due to different policies and procedures. You will need to check and comply with the other airlines' regulations.

When traveling on codeshare flights operated by partner carrier, the operating carrier's conditions of carriage may apply with respect to certain services.
If you are traveling on AA Operating codeshare flight, please click here. (PDF 322KB)

If you are traveling on WS Operating codeshare flight, please click here.

For physically challenged passengers requiring an assistance dog, such as seeing-eye dog,hearing dog, and companion dog

Assistance dogs or such are permitted to be carried in the passenger cabin free of charge when they are traveling with their owner and the owner is entirely dependent on the assistance dog or such for mobility. Please inform us in advance.

  • A training certification must be presented to assure that the dog has received special training.
  • The dog must remain at the feet of his/her master during the flight.
  • The dog must wear a vest or cape indicating the dog is an assistance dog.
  • The passenger must have a muzzle for the dog and is required to use it when necessary.
  • Please do not feed anything to the dog except water.
  • When taking your dog abroad, animal quarantine will be necessary. The owner will need to check the regulations of the destination and any transit countries.
  • We will confirm the certification at the airport

To customers renting a Child Seat or Body Support Belt

For childen with difficulty maintaining an upright position on the seat, a Child Seat (for children) or Body Support Belt can be rented free of charge as a supportive device at all domestic and international airports.

Child Seat

Please make advance reservations. Please contact our Reservation office by 17:00 three days prior to the day of departure in the case of domestic flights in Japan, or 96 hours prior to the departure time of international flights.

  • A Child Seat cannot be used on code-share flights operated by other airlines.
  • A Child Seat suits children, weighing 2.3 to 18kg, and are less than 102cm tall.
  • We will ask the age, height, weight and sitting height (in order to adjust the position of the shoulder belt in advance) of your child at reservations.
  • The seat direction differs depending on the child's weight.
    • 2.3 to 9kg, or under 1 year old: Rear facing
    • 9 to 18kg: Forward facing

For details, please see "Use of Infant Seat Onboard Aircraft."

For information on installing a child seat, please read "How to Use Child Seat."

Body Support Belt

Please make advance reservations. (96 hours prior to international and domestic flight departure)

  • It cannot be used in international First Class or for Business Class Shell Flat seats.
  • It is not available on code-share flights operated by partner airlines.

For details, please see "Items and Equipment Available in Flight."