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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)

Guidance and Issues When Making Reservations

What you should know before you make a reservation.

If an Escort Is Necessary

For safety reasons, a passenger is required to travel with an escort or attendant if you:

  • need in-flight medical assistance such as medications, medical devices, medical attention, or traveling in a stretcher.
  • are unable to do without assistance for feeding and lavatory functions and unable to operate the switch to call a cabin. Cabin attendants will provide assistance in getting from the seat to the lavatory and back during flight using an onboard wheelchair.
  • cannot establish means of communicating with or responding to our airport staff and cabin crew.
  • are traveling in a small aircraft and cannot move yourself at all.

We cannot assist you in these areas. The escort will sit next to you in the aircraft for your comfort and safety and assist you with feeding, administering of medication, or personal attention in the toilet, if necessary.

The escort above cannot be accompanied by an infant under 2 years old. In this case, please arrange another escort to take care of the infant.
Furthermore, a Priority Guest accompanied by an infant and/or a child must also arrange another escort to take care of the children.