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Customers with an allergy

Customers with a peanut allergy

From SEP2014, JAL have started "non-use of peanut and peanut-oils" for our in-flight meals and food provided at our airport lounges. However due to uncontrollable factors such as possibilities of peanut originated products used during the cooking process due to no private production line for JAL at the catering company used and possibility of other customers bringing peanuts originated products into the cabin.
it's impossible to make a 100% peanuts free environment in cabin. Please carry on any appropriate treatment prescribed by physician, and wear protection mask if required.

Customers with fears of suffering an allergic reaction triggered by even the slightest peanut particle

We will take prior measures in cabin such as cleaning areas close to the preassigned customer seat.

Please inform and request this service at least two weeks prior to the departure date of your flight.

We do not provide a preflight cleaning service of the cabin, for other than peanut allergy customers.

*DOM JAC/J-AIR/RAC/HAC operate flight cannot take this measures.

INT About Special in-flight meals

We will serve anti-allergic meal on international flight on customers request. The main dish menu is original, jointly-developed by Tsuji Foods Ltd.for JAL.
With the exception of green salad and fruits dishes, all meals are prepared by Tsuji Foods Ltd. in kitchens exclusively used for minimal allergen meals.

If you need to request an anti-allergic meal for yourself, please do so before 72 hours prior to the departure time of your flight.

opens in new window Meals minimal allergen meals

For more information regarding meals, please refer to meal service(including normal meals) through [meal searching]

  • *As services on code-share flights conform to regulations of the operating carrier, this service may not be provided on code-share flights. We appreciate your understanding.

How to order special meals if you have food allergies.

If you need to request an anti-allergic meal for yourself, please do so before 72 hours prior to the departure time of your flight.

[For customers who have made flight reservations directly with Japan Airlines]

Please contact [Information & Reservation].

[For customers who have made reservations through a travel agency]

Please inform the travel agency of your perference for the special meal for customers with allergies first, then contact the Japan Airlines [Information & Reservation].

[For customers who have made reservations by outside Japan]

Please contact opens in new windowtheir nearest JAL reservations or sales office.

Contact Us

Information & Reservation

  • *The content of the conversation will be recorded or monitored to ensure the service quality.


INT8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. daily

DOM7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. daily



Information about services for disabled customers

JAL Priority Guest Center

0120-747-707(toll free dial)

For customers with hearing/speech impairments


(Please replace /at/ with @.)


0120-747-606(toll free dial)
365 days a year

  • *Fax us your relevant information(no official application form required).

Customers in Japan and Guam are (exclusively) qualified to access the opens in new windowJAL Telephone Relay Service through chat(function).

Information for JAL Smile Support Service

DOM JAL Smile Support

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