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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)

Accessibility and Equipment

JAL provides the following items to make your journey more enjoyable.

Items and Equipment Available in Flight

Rental Child Seat

Child seat rental service is available at both international and domestic airport free of charge to child/infant who has difficulty in sitting upright due to physical reason.

For details, please see "Use of Infant Seat Onboard Aircraft."

Communication Board

For passengers with hearing and speech disabilities, we prepare a simple board to make written conversation in the cabin.

  • * Equipped at the check-in counter of all airports and city branch offices in Japan, too.

Onboard Wheelchairs

An onboard wheelchair is available for in cabin use for aircraft with 60 or more seats. These wheelchairs may be used to move to and from the lavatory. Please let us know when making your reservation.

473 (18.5)1,085 (42.7)1,420 (55.9)
  • * All the sizes in the table are expressed in "millimeter (inch)."
  • * The sizes of the width and depth in the table mean the size of seat surface. In addition, the height means the height from the floor.
  • * The sizes of the onboard wheelchairs may differ according to aircraft types, configurations.

Seats (Movable Aisle Armrest)

In economy class, seats with a movable armrest are available to facilitate wheelchair access. Please let us know when making your reservation.


Accessible Lavatory

The door opens widely for easy access of wheelchair. The inside is equipped with handles and there is a curtain in the doorway so that the door can be left open.


"Safety Instruction" card in Braille

"Safety Instruction" -- the guidance of the emergency equipments -- is available in braille on all international and domestic flights.

Please ask our cabin attendants about the facilities around your seat, and inside the lavatory.

Belt Extensions

Devices to extend the length of a seat belt.

Please let us know when making your reservation.

Body Support Belt

A belt to tie the upper body to the seat (size: 11cm wide, 145cm long). It is rented free of charge to passengers with difficulty in keeping an upright position. Please make advance reservations.
(96 hours prior to international and domestic flight departure)

JAL Owned Small Oxygen (In-flight Only)

There is a charge of JPY 10,000 per bottle internationally, JPY 3,000 per flight sector domestically (payable in local currency equivalent). The charge includes such items as administration, maintenance of the cylinders, refilling after use, etc. Each oxygen unit contains 300 liters compressed oxygen, an oxygen conserver and a nasal cannula. Flow rate from 0.5 to 6 liters per minute are available.

For details, please see "Passengers with Illness or Injury."


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