A Guide for Customers with Disabilities JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT

Items and Equipment Available in cabin

Customers with Walking Disabilities

Onboard Wheelchair

Width 300(11.7)
Height 800(31.5)
Depth 340(13.3)
  • *All the sizes in the table are expressed in "millimeter (inch)".
  • *The sizes of the width and depth in the table mean the size of seat surface. In addition, the height means the height from the floor.

Seats(Movable Aisle Armrest)

Accessible Lavatory

The door opens widely for easy access of wheelchair. The inside is equipped with handles and there is a curtain in the doorway so that the door can be left open.

Customers with Walking Disabilities

Customers with Seeing Disabilities

Safety Instruction card in Braille

"Safety Instruction" -- the guidance of the emergency equipment's -- is available in braille on all international and domestic flights.
Please ask our Flight attendants about the facilities around your seat, and inside the lavatory.

Customers with Hearing and Speech Disabilities

Customers with Hearing and Speech Disabilities

Communication Board

Customers with hearing and speech disabilities, we prepare a simple board to exchange written conversation in the cabin.

  • *Communication board is also available at the check-in counter of all airports and city branch offices in Japan.

Customers with Hearing and Speech Disabilities

Customers Who Cannot Keep an Upright Position

Rental Child Seat

Body Support Belt

Belt Extentions

It can extend the seatbelt and useful for customers with large proportion or when medical equipment is tied dowm on the seat.
For details, please contact JAL Priority Guest Center.

Customers Who Cannot Keep an Upright Position

Customers Using Medical Oxygen Bottles

JAL Owned Small Oxygen(In-flight only)

Customers Using Medical Oxygen Bottles

Items and Equipment Available in cabin

Medicine in the Cabin

Medicines for relieving airsickness, pain, etc. are available in the cabin of all JAL Group flights customers. However, if there is any medicine that you are required to take, we ask that you bring it for yourself.

Doctor's Kit

The doctor's kit for doctors who happens to assist incidents onboard contains injections set and drugs. This kit is restricted for usage by the medical professional traveling as a customer onboard a flight. For details, please refer "Medical Supplies and Equipment on Board."

  • *Medical kit is not provided on JAC/HAC's SAAB/RAC/J-AIR's CRJ.

Resuscitation Kit

A kit used for resuscitation contains tools such as a respirator (Ambu bag), a stethoscope, a suction catheter, a mouth gage, a electric blood pressure, a pulse oxymeter.

  • *Resuscitaion kit is not provided on RAC.

Automated External Defibrillator

To strengthen our emergency responsibility, we have Automated External Defibrillator and Electrocardiograph monitors on board.

  • *Not provided on JAC/HAC's SAAB.

Contact Us

Information & Reservation

  • *The content of the conversation will be recorded or monitored to ensure the service quality.


INT8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. daily

DOM7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. daily



Information about services for disabled customers

JAL Priority Guest Center

0120-747-707(toll free dial)

For customers with hearing/speech impairments


(Please replace /at/ with @.)


0120-747-606(toll free dial)
365 days a year

  • *Fax us your relevant information(no official application form required).

Customers in Japan and Guam are (exclusively) qualified to access the opens in new windowJAL Telephone Relay Service through chat(function).

Information for JAL Smile Support Service

DOM JAL Smile Support

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