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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)

Please Consult Us for Your Special Needs

Passengers with physical disabilities or ailments should contact JAL with any questions.

!Please contact the JAL Priority Guest Reservations in advance.

Passengers with Walking Disabilities

At Reservations
Are you traveling with an escort?

If you are traveling without an escort, our staff will assist you.

For details, please see "If an Escort Is Necessary."

Do you need any assistance in going up and down the stairs or moving in the airport and aircraft?
Do you have any walking aids?
  • Is your wheelchair a manual type or a battery-operated electric type? If your wheelchair is a battery-operated electric type, is it a dry battery or liquid battery (dilute sulfuric acid)?
    Walking aids such as a wheelchair(manual type, battery-operated type, for sports use) will be carried as checked baggage.
    Walking aids such as canes and crutches can be carried onboard.
    These need to be small enough to be stowed under your seat or in the overhead compartment, not to protrude into any seating row floor space or main aisle.
  • Non-collapsible battery-powered wheelchairs cannot be accepted due to the small size of some airplane cargo doors. It is helpful to have the assembly and disassembly instructions with you, as well as any specialized tools that may be required.
We will ask about your physical conditions to enable us to arrange necessary assistance at the airport and in the cabin according to the following categories.
  1. A passenger who cannot move himself/herself at all (WCHC)
  2. A passenger who cannot climb the stairs without help but can reach the seat alone (WCHS)
  3. A passenger who can climb the stairs without help, and can reach his/her seat alone (WCHR)

Abbreviation codes shown in parenthesis are for airline use.

Do you have any preferred seat, seat with movable armrests or a seat near lavatory?

For safety reasons, certain seats cannot be allocated such as the upper deck and seats by an exit.

For details, please see "For Passengers Requesting Advance Seat Selection Service."


Advance notice is required if you cannot sit upright in the seat

All JAL aircraft are equipped with a set of Body Support Belt to provide additional support and restraint in the cabin seat. Please request this at the booking stage.

The Child Seat Rental Service is available for children who cannot maintain the sitting position. These seats are normally located at the front of each cabin section (the bulkhead position), therefore when you make your booking please request a bulkhead seat to ensure the carrycot position.

Are you traveling with a service dog?

A service dog is accepted free of charge.

For details, please see "For physically challenged passengers requiring an assistance dog, such as seeing-eye dog,hearing dog, and companion dog."

To prepare for an emergency, basically we do not accept a passenger who cannot walk at all and traveling alone on our small aircraft.

At the Airport

Our airport wheelchair will be waiting for you at the airports. We also have a special wheelchair that can enter the aircraft cabin to reach your seat.

For details, please see "Airport Wheelchairs."

  • Assistance may be from the check-in counter to the aircraft and the baggage claim area at the airport of your destination.
  • Our airport wheelchair service will be waiting for you from the check-in counter to the boarding gate.
  • Please come to the airport with sufficient time to check-in. For the passengers using electric wheelchairs, please come to the airport with more sufficient time since we have to remove the battery. It is helpful to us if you provide written instructions to assist us in this process.
  • On arrival, you will be met by our staff with our airport wheelchair or your own wheelchair upon request.
  • Walking aids such as canes and crutches can be carried onboard. These need to be small enough to be stowed under your seat or in the overhead compartment, not to protrude into any seating row floor space or main aisle.
  • Personal wheelchairs
    • Since there is not enough storage space in the cabin, your wheelchair will be carried as checked baggage and must be labeled with your name and address.
    • If you intend to use your own wheelchair as far as the boarding gate, please let us know. Depending on the aircraft or conditions that day, we may be unable to accept and return your own wheelchair at the gate.
    • For safety reasons, we must examine all batteries to determine proper handling.
    • For flights that begin or end in a US airport there is a priority space for stowage of a wheelchair on first come first served basis at the check in counter. Collapsible,manual wheelchairs which fit in a compartment with the dimention of 13inches x 36inches x 42inches, without having to remove the wheels or otherwise disassemble the wheelchair, are acceptable in our aircraft cabin. Please ask the airport staff for details. If your wheelchair cannot be stowed in the cabin, it will be stowed in the cargo compartment and returned to you as soon as the aircraft arrives at your destination.
    • Your own wheelchair will be returned to you at the baggage claim area as First Class priority baggage. If you have checked in your wheelchair at the gate at the departure airport, it will be returned to you at the exit of the aircraft 8At airports where wheelchairs cannot be unloaded from the aircraft, your wheelchair will be returned to you in the baggage claim area).
    • If you are making a connection, we will provide assistance between flights using our airport wheelchair

Certain airports are equipped with a passenger boarding lift, step car, and level-elimination board. As some aircraft (SAAB-340,Bombardier DHC8,Bombardier CRJ200) are parked in an open spot far from the terminal and a Passenger Boarding Lift cannot be set, our airport staff or your escort will carry passengers who cannot climb the steps at boarding and deplaning.

For further details, please see "Assistance at the Airport."

On the Plane
  • You are requested to sit upright in a straight-back seat with seat belt fastened.
  • Cabin attendants are not authorized to give special assistance (e.g. lifting) to particular passengers to the detriment of their services to other passengers.
  • Cabin attendants will provide assistance to you in getting from their seat to the aircraft lavatory and back during flight using an onboard wheelchair.