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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)

Please Consult Us for Your Special Needs

Passengers with physical disabilities or ailments should contact JAL with any questions.

!Please contact the JAL Priority Guest Reservations in advance.

Passengers with Seeing Disabilities

At Reservations

If you have special needs, please let us know through our local Reservations office or your travel agent so that we can better accommodate any special needs you may have. You can make reservations on our website. Currently our website is not compatible with the voice technology software which enables visually impaired customer to use our website.

Are you traveling with an escort?

If you are traveling without an escort, our staff will assist you.

For details, please see "If an Escort Is Necessary."

Are you traveling with a guide dog?

A guide dog is accepted free of charge.

For details, please see "For physically challenged passengers requiring an assistance dog, such as seeing-eye dog,hearing dog, and companion dog."

We have English Safety Instruction cards printed in Braille.

For more information, please see "Safety Instruction card in Braille."

Do you have any preferred seat, a seat with movable armrests, or seat near the lavatory?

For safety reasons, certain seats cannot be allocated such as upper deck and seats by an exit.

For details, please see "For Passengers Requesting Advance Seat Selection Service."

You can bring a cane or other supportive device with you into the cabin at no additional charge
At the Airport and on the Plane
  • Our airport staff will escort you to the aircraft and inform cabin attendants.
  • Cabin attendants will inform you about the in-flight facilities such as the seat control box, lavatory, emergency exit, oxygen mask and life jacket. They will answer your questions after you have read Instructions in Braille, if necessary.
  • Canes and other supportive device must be stowed under your seat or in the overhead compartment. They should lie flat and should not block the emergency exit or protrude into the aisle.
  • We will help you with CIQ (international flight) and help pick up your baggage. Please ask if you want to use phone.

For further details, please see "Assistance at the Airport" and "Assistance in Flight."