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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)

Please Consult Us for Your Special Needs

Passengers with physical disabilities or ailments should contact JAL with any questions.

!Please contact the JAL Priority Guest Reservations in advance.

Passengers Using StretcherMedical Information Form Is Required

If a passenger is unable to sit in the upright position in the aircraft from take-off to landing, stretcher service should be arranged.

  • Installation of stretcher
    We are ready to configure the aero stretcher in the cabin.
    The area for installation is fixed by aircraft in the Economy Class compartment on port-side window seats.
    The passenger will be tied by a belt with his/her head toward the traveling direction.
    (There are no stretcher facilities available on domestic flights operated by CRJ200, MD90).

At Reservations

Advance notice required

  • Medical Information Form (MEDIF) must be completed by your physician for medical clearance.

    For details, please see "Medical Information Form (MEDIF)."

  • You must contact Priority Guest Center or the local JAL office for medical clearance and for approval of any medical equipment which you request to have installed on the aircraft you provide at least 48 hours prior to departure of a JAL Group flight, both domestic and international.
  • The passenger and escorts must pay the applicable fare and stretcher charge.
  • Ambulance arrangements should be made by the passenger.
  • A fully qualified medical escort must travel with the passenger. Please advice us the details of the accompanying medical staff on the MEDIF.
  • Information about CIQ formalities must be given in advance.
  • If oxygen or medical equipment is required, it must be approved by JAL for use in flight.

    For details, please see "Personal Medical Equipment."

If you do not comply with any of the above requirements, JAL reserves the right to deny carriage on the relevant flight until all JAL policy requirements have been met, for example, mistakenly bringing electric equipment without advance notice.

At the Airport

Please come to the airport with sufficient time to check-in.

The processing flow

Usually there are two traffic lines for a stretcher case. The passenger using a stretcher and medical attendants on the ambulance will enter the restricted area of the airport ramp led by airport staff, and embark directly from the car. Meanwhile, the family or escort will follow the same process as other passengers. They must follow the boarding procedure for passengers aboard an ambulance, including CIQ formalities for an international route. JAL will apply for permission at CIQ offices in advance.

We would appreciate the swift installation of medical equipment.

At the airport of arrival, the similar process may be expected for disembarkation and CIQ formalities. We will assist you with anything you need at the airport of departure and arrival such as baggage claim.