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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)

Please Consult Us for Your Special Needs

Passengers with physical disabilities or ailments should contact JAL with any questions.

!Please contact the JAL Priority Guest Reservations in advance.

Peanut Allergy

We endeavor to remove peanuts from in-flight meals on JAL Group (*) international and domestic flights. However, peanut based ingredients, such as oil, may be used during catering production.
Also, as we cannot restrict passengers from bringing peanuts onboard, we cannot guarantee a peanut-free environment onboard our aircraft.
Please bring any medication or injections, etc. under a physician's prescription that you feel you might need onboard in case you suffer allergy symptoms.
On flights boarded by passengers with fears of suffering an allergic reaction triggered by even the slightest peanut particle (*), we will take measures in consideration of the cabin environment, such as cleaning areas close to the passenger's seat. Passengers who require this special cleaning, etc. are requested to inform us two weeks prior to the departure date of your flight.
If you request an anti-allergic meal for yourself, please inform us 90 hours prior to the departure time of your flight.

(*) Excluding JAC/J-AIR/RAC operated flights and code-share flights
As services on code-share flights conform to regulations of the operating carrier, this service may not be provided on code-share flights. We would appreciate your understanding.

We serve food and beverages in which nuts, excluding peanuts, may be an ingredient, but the special cleaning service is not provided for nut allergies other than peanuts.