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A Guide for Passengers with Disabilities (JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT)

Please Consult Us for Your Special Needs

Passengers with physical disabilities or ailments should contact JAL with any questions.

!Please contact the JAL Priority Guest Reservations in advance.

Passengers with Hearing and Speech Disabilities

At Reservations

If you have special needs, please let us know through our local Reservation office or your travel agent so that we can better accommodate any special needs you may have.

You can make reservations on our website or by using the FAX.

  • FAX Reservation Service

    Toll-free FAX: 0120-747-606 operationg hours 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. daily

    Reservations are accepted in a free format.

  • Our website is compatible for customers with hearing or speech disabilities.
Are you traveling with an escort?
Are you traveling with a hearing dog?

A hearing dog is accepted free of charge.

For details, please see "For physically challenged passengers requiring an assistance dog, such as seeing-eye dog,hearing dog, and companion dog."

Do you have any preferred seat?

Yes, you can choose your preferred seat on booking.

For details, please see "For Passengers Requesting Advance Seating Assignments."

At the Airport and on the Plane
  • Airports are noisy places. Large, open spaces and crowds make it difficult to hear and communicate. Please advice an airport agent that you have a hearing disability.
  • We will escort you to the boarding gate at your request.
  • An individual safety briefing can be arranged at your request.
  • If there are changes in boarding gate, boarding time, aircraft type or such, our staff will explain the situation to you.
  • Where aircraft safety briefings are provided by video, captions are provided as a standard service for customers with hearing disabilities.
  • Cabin crew will make sure you are aler ted when the safety video and administration is about to begin.

    For details, please see "Communication Board."