Redeeming Mileage Jetstar Japan(GK) Domestic Award Ticket Chart

  • Awards issued for children and infants require the same mileage as those issued for adults.

Mileage Required for Domestic Award Tickets:

Figures in brackets are one-way (1 sector) required miles.

Japan Domestic Flight Award Tickets *1

Required mileage
Zone A Tokyo Osaka 10,000
Osaka Fukuoka Oita Kumamoto
Zone B Tokyo Sapporo Fukuoka Okinawa Takamatsu Matsuyama Oita Kumamoto Kagoshima 12,000
Osaka Sapporo Okinawa
Nagoya Sapporo Fukuoka Kumamoto Kagoshima Okinawa*2
  • *1 Flights may not be operated on some flight sectors listed in this chart due to flight cancellation, days of operation or seasonal operation.
    Therefore awards cannot be used for these sectors.
  • *2 Nagoya - Okinawa route will start operating from March 29, 2015.
  • ※Once Award ticket application for one-way (1 flight sector) only is completed, it cannot be changed to a round-trip (2 flight sector) ticket at a later transaction. If you wish to change it to a round-trip (2 flight sector) ticket afterwards, the one-way Award ticket must be refunded upon payment of refund charge, and the new round-trip (2 flight sector) Award ticket must be newly applied.
    In case round-trip (2 flight sectors) ticket is changed to one-way (1 flight sector) award tickets, the difference in the required mileage shall not be returned. When you take flights for round-trip (2 flight sector), point of origine and returning point must be the same city.
  • ※Please note that there are limitation to the number of seats available for award use. (There may be situations where seats for awards may not be set at the time of reservation commencement.) Even if there are seat availabilities for reservations other than for awards, award use may not be possible.
  • ※Free Baggage Allowance (checked baggage) for GK Domestic Award is 20kg.