Redeeming Mileage oneworld Award Tickets

Important information

Effective for requests made from April 1, 2015, the rules for booking JAL International Award Tickets will be revised as follows. These revisions will apply only to reservations made by phone.

(1) Longer deadlines will be introduced for booking international award tickets.
(2) New reservations and reservation changes made by phone will incur a Ticketing Service Fee.

Eligible Routes

airberlin "AB/HG" designated flights operated by "airberlin(AB)" and "NIKI Airlines(HG)"
American Airlines "AA" designated flights operated by "American Airlines(AA)", "AmericanEagle" and "AmericanConnection"
US Airways "US" designated flights operated by "US Airways(US)" and "US Airways Express"
British Airways "BA" designated flights operated by "British Airways(BA)", BA Franchises<Sun-Air of Scandinavia A/S(EZ), Comair Pty Ltd. (MN)> and Subsidiary <BA CityFlyer(CJ), OpenSkies(EC)>
Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) / Dragonair (KA) "CX/KA" designated flights operated by "Cathay Pacific Airways(CX)" and "Dragonair(KA)"
Finnair "AY" designated flights operated by "Finnair(AY)" and " Flybe(BE)"
Iberia "IB" designated flights operated by "Iberia(IB)", "Iberia Express(I2)" and "Air Nostrum(YW)"
* IB air shuttle service between Madrid and Barcelona is not eligible.
LAN "LA/LP/XL/4M" designated flights operated by "LAN Airlines(LA)", "LAN Peru(LP)", "LAN Ecuador(XL)", "LAN Argentina(4M)" and "LAN Express"
Malaysia Airlines "MH" designated flights operated by "Malaysia Airlines(MH)"
* MH3000-MH3999, MH7000-MH8999 and flight operated by Firefly(FY) are not eligible.
Qantas "QF" designated flights operated by "Qantas(QF)", "QantasLink", "Eastern AustraliaAirlines", "Sunstate Airlines" and "Jetconnect"
* "QF" designated flight operated by "Jetstar(JQ)" is not eligible.
Qatar Airways "QR" designated flights operated by "Qatar Airways (QR)"
Royal Jordanian "RJ" designated flights operated by "Royal Jordanian(RJ)"
* All flights to/from Iraq are not eligible.
S7 Airlines "S7" designated flights operated by "S7 Airlines(S7)" and "Globus Airlines(GH)"
SriLankan Airlines "UL" designated flights operated by "SriLankan Airlines(UL)"
TAM Airlines "JJ" designated flights operated by "TAM Airlines(JJ)"

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Required Mileage

The required mileage is determined based on the distance of total award itinerary (total of sector mileage for each sector and surface sector).

Awards issued for children and infants require the same mileage as those issued for adults.
The total required mileage may vary according to the combination of airline and type of award. Applicable combination of award is subject to the award seat availability of each airline or flight at the time of making award booking, therefore, the combination of award with lowest required mileage may not be guaranteed.
* The combination of award with lower required mileage may be available later along with the change of inventory conditions.
However, the request of the redeemed awards to change into other awards will be treated as new award redemption, and "Mileage Reinstatement Service" with applicable charges will apply.

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Restricted Travel Dates for Awards

 <JAL Group airlines>

Restricted Travel Dates for JAL International Routes” will apply.

 <Royal Jordanian>

There are restricted travel dates as follows:

From Jordan to US7/15 - 9/15 From US to Jordan5/15 - 7/15
From Jordan to UK7/15 - 9/15 From UK to Jordan 6/01 - 8/01

 <Other partner airlines>

There are no restricted travel dates.
At other times the number of seats available for award travel may be limited, or may not be available.
* "Restricted Travel Dates For Awards" is subject to change without prior notice. Please confirm the details at the time of award request.

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How to Redeem / Use / Receive Awards

JMB Award Reservations Desk of your membership registration Please provide your JMB membership number when making requests through the telephone.

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Conditions for Using Awards


Class of service

All travel should be in the same class of service. When different classes of service are involved in a journey, the required mileage for the higher class will apply.
Premium economy service is not eligible for economy class awards, but eligible for first class awards or business class awards.
Please note that no mileage will be refunded in case of downgrading to economy class due to change of aircraft.

Flight sectors / Limit of stopover

Upgrading of awards

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Changes to Award Tickets

Changes of flight number and flight date are permitted.
Effective April 1, 2015, longer deadlines will be introduced for reservations made by phone.

Type of tickets Deadline
E-tickets 3 days* prior to the reserved departure date or the new departure date (whichever comes first).
*Deadline may vary if you are a member of regions other than Japan region. Please refer to following links:
For members in American region
For members in Asia・Oceania region
For members in Europe・Middle East・Africa region
In case of changes, e-tickets must be re-validated or re-issued.
Paper tickets 7 days prior to the reserved departure date or the new departure date (whichever comes first).
In case of changes, paper tickets must be re-issued.

<Not Permitted>
Changes of the traveler's name, the airline carrier, the flight sector, the class of service, the routing and the type of awards are not permitted.
"Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards" is applicable in case of cancellation of unused award tickets.
Members are responsible for all the mailing costs of award tickets sent to the JMB International Award Reservations Desk of your membership registration.

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