Electronic Money Award WAON

  • Redeem your miles for WAON electronic money - starting from 10,000 miles

Important Information

After you redeem your miles on the JAL website, please refer to the reminders when downloading WAON electronic money

Please note that your WAON card has a maximum balance limit.

Reminders when Downloading WAON Electronic Money

Maximum Balance Limit

Each WAON card has a maximum balance limit of ¥50,000. This maximum balance limit applies when loading your redeemed WAON electronic money to your WAON card.

  • *For WAON cards issued before April 1, 2011, the maximum balance limit is ¥20,000 but can be changed by the cardholder to ¥50,000 at any WAON Station.
    Learn more (in Japanese only)

Conditions and Use

  • Please note that this award is available only to the following JMB WAON Card members, who must be registered in the Japan Region.

    [Eligible JMB WAON Card members]

    • JMB WAON Card members
    • AEON JMB Card members (JMB WAON all-in-one type)
    • BIC CAMERA JMB WAON Card members
    • JMB G.G WAON Card members
    • AEON JMB Card members (JMB WAON all-in-one type with G.G logo)
    • Mobile JMB WAON members
  • Usage guidelines and restrictions after requesting the Electronic Money Award WAON are subject to the WAON Provisions of Use, for which Japan Airlines assumes no responsibility.
    WAON Provisions of Use (PDF file, 135 KB) (available in Japanese only)
    • *In order to view PDF files, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. More information can be found This page will open in a new windowhere.
  • Requests for the Electronic Money Award WAON will not be accepted at the JAL Mileage Bank Center, Japan; JMB Domestic Award Reservations Desk/JMB International Award Reservations Desk; JAL Information and Reservations; JAL Group city ticketing counters; airport ticketing counters; or Aeon Group stores nationwide.
  • Once redeemed, mileage cannot be refunded to the original JMB account.
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