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Redeeming Mileage JAL International Upgrade Awards

Important information

Effective for upgrade reservations/changes/cancellation requests made on/after April 1, 2015, the rules for booking JAL International Upgrade Awards will be revised as follows.

(1)The reinstatement fee for canceling and refunding an unused upgrade award will be abolished.
(2)Changes to upgrade award reservations will not be permitted.

 To change your reservation, please cancel and refund your existing upgrade reservation and then make a new upgrade reservation.

* At the time of making your reservation and applying for the award (including waitlisted reservations), you must already have purchased your ticket, which is valid for use with an upgrade award. This same rule also applies to upgrades to Class J with Class J-e Coupon for domestic sectors included in international flight tickets.

Upgrade awards allow the user to fly in the next higher class of service than that of the purchased ticket.

Eligible Routes

<NEW> Japan ⇔ Sydney route has been added to the routes eligible for Business Class to First Class upgrade.

Tickets Eligible for Upgrade Awards

Tickets eligible for Upgrade

Business Class First Class
Booking Class Fare
J/C/D/X Business class normal fares, Business Saver , Business Saver 14 , Business Saver 21 Weekend Stay, Business Saver 7 Weekend Stay, etc.
Economy class Business Class
Booking Class Fare
*Ineligible for package tour.
Economy class normal fares, Economy Saver Flex , Economy Saver Premium , Economy Saver , Dynamic Saver Premium, Dynamic Saver Type A / Type B, etc.

The upgrades below will be available on a permanent basis for flights taken from April 1, 2015 onward.

Economy class Premium Economy
Booking Class Fare
B/H/K Economy Saver, Dynamic Saver Type A / Type B.

Tickets not eligible for Upgrade
Dynamic Saver Type C / Type D / Type E / Type F, individual or group inclusive tour fares, special discounted fares, JMB award tickets or tickets subject to special provisions.

* Certain types of fares are not eligible for upgrade irrespective of booking.

Who is Eligible for Awards

Awards can be used by the JMB member and the following relatives designated by the member: Please click here for details.

Required Mileage

Please refer the "JAL International Upgrade Award Chart". Special mileage levels apply for award travel that is not via Japan. Refer to the notes in the chart.

Restricted Travel Dates for UPgrade Awards

Please refer "Restricted Travel Dates for JAL International Upgrade Awards". At other times the number of seats available for award travel may be limited, or may not be available.


Upgrade awards are valid only for the flight and date originally reserved. Failure to travel on the reserved flight and date will result in forfeiture of the award. For reservation change made on/before March 31, 2015 and before the original reservation flight departure time, the validity of upgrade awards will be 1 year from the date mileage is deducted (the date the award ticket is issued), provided it is within the validity of the purchased ticket.
* Reservation change will not be permitted on/after April 1, 2015.

Conditions for Using Upgrade Awards

Changes to Upgrade Awards

[Changes made on/before March 31, 2015]

< Reservation changes >
  • Changes to flight number and flight date are permitted if the provided fare rule of purchased ticket allows date change, and the reservation change is completed before the departure time of the original flight reservation.
  • Please note that airport office counter cannot handle these changes.
  • Changes to the traveler's name, the flight sector, the class of service, reversing the direction of travel, exchange of awards and open itinerary are not permitted.
< Cancellations and refunds >

[Changes/refunds made on/after April 1, 2015]

< Reservation changes >

Changes to upgrade award reservations are not permitted. If you wish to change your reservation, you must cancel and refund your existing upgrade reservation and then make a new upgrade reservation. Please note that the mileage reinstatement fee will not apply for the upgrade award.

< Cancellations and refunds >

If you cancel and refund your unused upgrade award, the mileage reinstatement fee will not be charged.

  • Mileage cannot be reinstated if you fail to board your reserved flight.
  • Mileage cannot be refunded to your account if it has already expired by the time you request to have it reinstated.

How To Redeem / Use / Receive Upgrade Awards

How to Apply

1. JAL Homepage . . . 
Please apply from here
2. JMB International Award Reservations Desk, Japan . . .  ND0570-025-121 (Toll call)
When you use an international call or from IP-phone, please call 03-6733-3062 (Toll call).
(8:00 - 19:00 / 7days a week)
The content of conversation with the customer may be recorded or monitored to ensure quality service.

Deadlines for Award Application

Reminders for Award Application

Notes on redeeming for awards when applying for the JALCARD Family Program

Reminders for Award Usage

[As of December, 2014]

AIR PASSENGER DUTY : 85GBP/71GBP*1for departure from London.
(Payment is not applicable to upgrades from Premium Economy class to Business class.)
 *1 Tickets issued on/after March 22, 2014 for departure on/after April 1, 2015.
[Children under 12 years of age]
Children under the age of 12 will be exempt from payment*2when traveling in Economy but will not be exempt when traveling in Premium Economy or Business. Accordingly, a payment of 142GBP is required for upgrades from Economy class to Premium Economy or Business class.
 *2 Tickets issued on/after December 5, 2014 for departure on/after May 1, 2015.
AIR PASSENGER SOLIDARITY TAX : 40.56 EUR for departure from Paris.

Standard services
Our standard services such as advance seat selection on upgraded classes and airport lounge access for First and Business class passengers also apply to award travel.
Please note that if you are connecting between a flight operated by another airline (including codeshare flights with a JAL flight number) and a JAL-operated flight, the free baggage allowance for the upgraded class will not be applicable to the flight sector operated by the other airline. If connecting from other airline operated flights, the free baggage allowance for the upgraded class will not be applicable when the baggage is through checked-in at other airlines' check-in counters.
To receive the upgraded class free baggage allowance service for the upgraded sector, members are required to check-in again at the transit airport counter.

Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards

After application for the award has been completed*1 the mileage used for the award can only be reinstated for totally unused award by paying the applicable fee. All reinstated mileage must be returned to the JMB account from which it was redeemed.
Please click here for details.

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