JAL International Award Tickets

  • Journey to destinations around the world - starting at 7,500 miles for one-way travel and 15,000 miles for round-trip travel

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Required Mileage

Please review the JAL International Award Ticket Chart. opens in new windowAward Ticket Chart (for Members in the American Region).

  • *Combinations of standard mileage and discount mileage are not permitted. Similarly, international award tickets redeemed at standard mileage award levels cannot be combined with JALCARD International Award Tickets.

One-way travel is available at half the mileage required for a round-trip award ticket.
Separate terms and conditions may apply to promotions that offer award tickets for fewer miles.

  • *Awards issued for children and infants require the same mileage as those issued for adults. Infants traveling on award tickets will occupy their own seat. Infants who do not occupy their own seat cannot travel on award tickets and must travel on an infant-fare ticket.
  • *Taxes, charges and various handling fees including airport departure and arrival taxes, airport usage fees, fuel surcharges and insurance surcharges applicable for JAL international award tickets will be collected from the JMB member or the user of the award. Payments can be made by e JAL Points (Japan Region members only).

opens in new windowInformation regarding fuel surcharges and insurance surcharges for international flights

When Different Classes of Service Are Involved in a Round-Trip Itinerary

When different classes of service are involved in one round-trip journey, the required mileage will be the sum of half the required round-trip mileage for each class of service.
When a one-way journey involves different classes of service, the mileage required for the highest class of service (the class requiring the most miles) will apply.


The sum of half the respective Tokyo-Bangkok round-trip mileage for Business Class and Economy Class will be required.


Los Angeles-Sydney round-trip First Class mileage will be required.

When Different Classes of Service Are Involved in a One-Way Itinerary

When a one-way journey involves different classes of service for the different flight sectors from the city of departure to destination, the required mileage for the award will be the mileage required for the highest class of service on the itinerary.


Half of the Honolulu - Bangkok round-trip mileage award level for Business Class will be required.


JAL international award tickets are valid for one year from the date the award ticket is issued.
The commencement of the last flight sector of the itinerary must not exceed the validity of the award ticket.
Failure to travel on the reserved flight and date will result in forfeiture of the award. In this case, mileage will not be refunded and the award cannot be changed to a different award.

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