Redeeming Mileage

Redeem your miles for award tickets, coupons that can be used for travel, electronic money, and much more. Awards are available from 1,000 miles.

  • For JMB FLY ON members
  • Promotions and other information

Available from 12,000 miles

JAL Group Airlines Domestic Award Tickets (round trip)

Redeem your miles for round trip award travel, starting from 12,000 miles.

Available from 12,000 miles

JAL International Award Ticket Discount Mileage

During the discount period, JAL International Award Tickets are available for fewer miles if booked through the JAL website.

Available from 15,000 miles

JAL International Award Tickets (round trip)

Journeys to destinations around the world are available from 15,000 miles.

Available from 15,000 miles

JMB Partner Airlines Award Tickets

Redeem your miles for travel on our extensive network of airline partners, starting at 15,000 miles.

Available from 18,000 miles

JAL International Upgrade Awards (round trip) [Korea, Asia 1, Guam]

Travel round trip in a higher class of service. (upgrade from Economy Class to Premium Economy)

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