Redeeming Mileage Information

Domestic Award Ticket Reservation: "Return Trip Confirmation Service"

Domestic award tickets,reservation is possible 2 months before the departure date. However,"Return Trip Comfirmation Service" can also be applied to the reservation with the conditions listed below:

Applicable flights All JAL flights
All JTA flights
All JAC flights
All RAC flights
Applicable class Application is possible with usage of economy class award tickets
*Application is not possible with usage of Class J award tickets.
Applicable conditions The whole itinerary should end within 15 days (the same day of the week 2 weeks after) calculated from the date of departure of the first sector.
Applicable itinerary Itinerary that involves purely round-trip journey or connecting flights.

Reservations for award tickets combined with pai tickets may not be accepted via the JAL website or JAL mobile site.
Please contact JMB domestic award reservation desk.
In case of promotions, reservations must not be made before the starting date of reservation acceptance.
The reservation for this service can be made at JMB Domestic Award Reservation Desk or through JAL website but not by mobile-phone or smartphone site.
There are limitations as to the number of available seats and the eligible periods of use for the award tickets. (There are situations where seats for award use are not offered in some flights.)
The mileage required for redemption of awards and other conditions of use are the same as those used in JAL Group Airlines Domestic Award Tickets.