JGC PREMIER is the second highest membership tier in the JMB FLY ON Program, offering services and benefits to enable you to enjoy your travel to the fullest. *JMB Premier status is available to JAL Global Club members only.


JGC Premier is awarded to JMB members who meet either of the following criteria on JAL Group and oneworld alliance flights flown during the preceding calendar year from January to December:

  • JMB member who has accrued at least 80,000 FLY ON Points (including 40,000 FLY ON Points on JAL Group flights), or
  • JMB member who has attained at least 80 flights (including at least 40 JAL Group flights) and 25,000 FLY ON Points

(For members who join JAL Global Club after satisfying the flight activity requirements above, JGC Premier services will commence around one week after JAL Global Club enrollment.)

  • *Only flights that are flown on fares eligible for JMB mileage accrual will count toward the total number of flights qualifying for FLY ON status.
  • *JGC Premier benefits and services will be available to members who accrue the required number of FLY ON Points for JGC Premier qualification during the preceding year and who join the JAL Global Club program by June.
  • *JGC Premier services cannot be used in conjunction with JAL Global Club services.
  • *Please note that offered services are subject to change without notice.

JMB FLY ON members will also receive special services with oneworld alliance airlines.


JGC Premier members will be able to enjoy oneworld Emerald services.
More information about oneworld tier status can be found here.

JGC Premier members can enjoy lounge access before departure when traveling on JAL Group flights.
For more information about accessing airport lounges, please refer to Airport Lounge Access.

Second Services:
Services that are available to members from the arrival of your FLY ON status card until March 31 of the second year following status qualification
  • *FLY ON membership cards will arrive around two to three weeks after qualification. Depending on where the member lives and for members living in regions other than Japan, circumstances may dictate that FLY ON status cards will arrive later than planned.

Lounge Access

JAL Group Flights

  • Upon presentation of your JGC PREMIER card, you and one traveling companion will be able to enjoy access at any participating airport lounge. You can also bring a third and a fourth traveling companion to the lounge by using two lounge coupons issued in exchange for JMB miles. Airport lounge access is limited to a maximum of three traveling companions per JGC Premier member.

  • oneworld Emerald
  • *Please present one lounge coupon per one person for each lounge access.
  • *Lounge coupons cannot be used to access the following lounges: JAL First Class Lounge, Diamond Premier Lounge, international airport lounges in Paris and Shanghai (Hongqiao).
  • *For more information about lounge access and redeeming miles for lounge coupons, please refer to Airport Lounge Access.
  • *Some restrictions may apply when flying on charter flights or codeshare flights operated by other airlines. For more information, please refer to the services offered on codeshare flights.

oneworld Alliance Member Flights

  • By presenting your JGC PREMIER card, you can enter any of the some 600 lounges offered by oneworld airlines when departing on any oneworld member airline flight. Lounges can be accessed by you and one traveling companion.

    • *Lounge coupons cannot be used to access a lounge.
    • *For more information about available lounges when flying on oneworld alliance member flights, please inquire with the airport staff of the respective airline at the time of check-in.
    • *At peak periods, access to certain lounges may be restricted due to capacity constraints. Access is available on the day of departure when your next onward flight is with a oneworld member airline.
      Access to some lounges operated by third parties on behalf of oneworld member airlines may be restricted at some times.
      For more information, please refer to This page will open in a new windowoneworld lounge access.
  • oneworld Emerald
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