A new standard of logistics, connecting Japan with the world via Haneda.
JALCARGO offers J LINK service, a smooth, seamless service connecting international and domestic flights utilizing the features of Haneda Airport, the hub for domestic flights. We also connect Haneda and Narita airports with frequent trucking services to handle cargo arriving at or departing from Narita Airport on international flights.

Points of  J LINK Service

Point1. Shorter transport time ⇒ Utilizing our extensive international and domestic route networks. Point2.Trace your cargo over JAL’s website.⇒ We provide seamless service to/from all airports in Japan with JAL CARGO quality.

From major Japanese cities  to overseas

Utilizing the features of Haneda Airport, we can provide seamless service from major Japanese cities to overseas via Haneda Airport. Haneda currently has an international network of 10 routes and 13 flights a day to key cities in North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia.
Especially, cargo bound for Singapore, Bangkok, Paris, San Francisco, Honolulu, Los Angeles*, and Dallas * can be transferred on the same day that it departed Japan , thus shortening transport time.

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From overseas to major Japanese cities

Cargo from overseas can be transferred to major Japanese cities smoothly to major Japanese cities under one air waybill (MAWB), from the originating airport to the final destination. At the originating airport overseas, we will secure the schedule and space to the final destination, including domestic flights in Japan.
Cargo on flights from Singapore, Bangkok and Paris arriving early in the morning at Haneda Airport can be transferred to the major Japanese cities
on the same day.

Furthermore, at transit at Haneda Airport, we provide "domestic transfer service of customs-cleared cargo" , making possible seamless service from overseas to major Japanese cities, as well as customs airports in Japan connected with Haneda Airport.

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