JALCARGO Tracing Mail Service (JTMS)(for J PRODUCTS only )

JALCARGO [JTMS](JALCARGO Tracing Mail Service) offers you a real- time shipment status per master
AWB to your e-mail address.

Request JTMS

What is JTMS(JALCARGO Tracing Mail Service)?

Service Flow

*Smart-phone  is also available to request JTMS.

Request JTMS from this web page .
Type in the requied information (Master AWB number, e-mail address).

The current shipment status is sent by e-mail.
Your shipment status information(at the time of request) is sent to your e-mail address automatically.

The updated shipment status is sent,each time.
When shipment status changes, the new status information will be sent to your e-mail address each time.

Types of Shipment for JTMS


Status to be informed

Booked on a flight
Cargo acceptance
Flight Departed (include Estimated Time of Arrival)
Flight Arrived
Cargo check-in completed
Cargo ready for delivery
Customs cleared
Cargo delivered

How to use JTMS

Type in your master AWB number in the section for "Request JTMS".
Type in your e-mail address to receive the status information. Other e-mail addresss(up to 10) can be registered.
As soon as your request is received, the requested shipment status at that time will be sent to the specified e-mail address automatically.
Whenever the shipment status is changed , the new shipment status will be sent by e-mail accordingly. That way, JTMS helps you to keep track of your shipment in real-time.
If you need to add a new e-mail address after you completed JTMS request once, please type all the e-mail address again, not only a new e-mail address.

Request JTMS

Type in the required information in the section provided below, then press OK.

AWB Number
Your e-mail address
Status information will be sent to your e-mail address. If you would also like us to send the information to other e-mail addresses, please fill in below. (Max.10)

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