Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Check precautions when transporting dangerous goods, information on shipper's declaration, dangerous goods labels, etc.

What are dangerous goods?

Under the Civil Aeronautics Law of Japan and other related laws and regulations, dangerous goods are articles or substances that could pose significant threats to the health of customers, crew, airport staff, etc., safety in aircraft operations, etc., property such as aircraft and airport facilities, when transported by air.
An aircraft can be compared to a sealed room that is flying in low air pressure and at high altitude, and certain articles or substances can become dangerous goods that were unimaginable on the ground. Even dry ice, which is used to prevent ice cream from melting, is a hazardous item. Examples are as follows.

Danger of "Undeclared Dangerous Goods"

When shipments of dangerous goods are not properly packaged or labeled for air transport, they can pose significant threats to human lives and flight safety.
Please read Our Request to Customers for Flight Safety (Undeclared Dangerous Goods) and make preparations appropriately when transporting dangerous goods.

Our requests for flight safety (Undeclared Dangerous Goods)(PDF 176KB)

To transport dangerous goods

Dangerous goods can be transported as air cargo, excluding articles that are prohibited from loading onto aircraft, when the following requirements on packaging, documents, etc. are satisfied.

  • Dangerous goods must be put in a specified packaging and not exceed the regulated quantity.
    And the package must be identified appropriately by labelling and marking.
  • Shipper are responsible for submitting the Shipperfs Declaration providing details of the dangerous goods to the air carrier.

For details of packaging and instructions for documentation, refer to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Download of Labels and Related Documents (Dangerous Goods)

Download "Dangerous Goods Labels" and "Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods" below.

Download of Labels and Related Documents (Dangerous Goods)

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