JALCARGO Charter Service

Dedicated freighter charter service with JALCARGO Quality

JALCARGO Charter Service provides customers air transport service by chartering dedicated freighters operated by our partner carriers.
JALCARGO Airway Bill is issued.

There was a relaxation of cargo charter rules in Japan effective from MAR2016.

For Details

Four benefits that you can gain by choosing JALCARGO Charter Service

  • Ensured Performance and Service Levels of JALCARGO

  • Reduces the Burden on Customers

  • Variety of Cargo Aircraft

  • Years of Experience and Creative Ideas

Ensured Performance and Service Levels of JALCARGO

JALCARGO provide a seamless transport service from cargo acceptance until delivery to consignee at airport with ensured performance and service levels at both JALCARGO on-line and off-line airports.

  • ·If you arrange a cargo charter flight by contracting with an operating carrier, in general you would need to separately find cargo warehouse companies both at origin and destination airports for build up and break down of your cargo on airline pallets. Charter contract with JALCARGO covers cargo warehouse handling at airports no matter where we fly.
  • ·JALCARGO staff in total of 32 overseas office, JALCARGO warehouse companies as well as partner companies work together in close coordination to determinedly meet customer's expectation in performance of JALCARGO.
  • ·JALCARGO audit/vet our partner carriers before contracting to ensure a smooth operation at JALCARGO service levels.

JALCARGO takes over the responsibly of troublesome works faithfully

Normal procedures customers need to follow if arranged by themselves

  1. 1.Check charter rules and file charter application to civil aviation authorities (especially Japan).
  2. 2.Conclude cargo handling agreement with airport warehouse company.
  3. 3.Review entire wordings on charter contract to make sure no missing items, also check responsibility and insurance clauses.
  4. 4.Obtain confirmation on cargo loadability and check any limitations to transport the cargo before signing charter contract.
  5. 5.Coordinate cargo tender & pick up timing with shipper, consignee and warehouse companies.
  6. 6.Arrange necessary equipments and road feeder service for charter flight operation at origin and destination airports.
  7. 7.Coordinate with various parties involved in charter operation in order to meet customer's request.
  8. 8.Conduct schedule control of the project and follow-up.

If you request JALCARGO Charter Service

Procedures are completed just by communicating with JALCARGO sales representative.

Customers can choose from a variety of aircraft we provide to meet a wide range of shipping needs

Experienced staff with know-how in charter business will listen to your requests, and draw up a suitable forwarding plan including a choice of the most appropriate freighter aircraft operated by partner carrier. JALCARGO partners with ACX (charter specialists) who function in an advisory capacity only pertaining to charter and continue to create new services to meet a wide range of shipping needs.

Below are some of the freighter aircraft that customers can choose:

  • ·747-8F/747-400F
  • ·777F
  • ·MD11F
  • ·A330F
  • ·737F
  • ·AN124
  • ·IL76 etc

Meet customer's special requirements with years of experience and creative ideas

In case there are special requirements for transporting cargo by dedicated charter flight, JALCARGO will try to meet them by making good use of years of experience in the air-transport industry and taking a creative approach.

Charter Results(incl. flights operated by JAL own freighter)
  • ·Relief Goods transport(Medical Goods,Tent,Drinking Water,etc)
  • ·Sensitive Machines(Semi-conductor related,Factory Equipment,etc)
  • ·Event Related(Auto Race,Concert Stage Set,Musical Instruments,etc)
  • ·Large Shipments(Auto Parts,Wine,Electrical Products,Cell Phone,etc)

Contact for JALCARGO Charter Service

Please contact your local Japan Airlines Cargo representative or below JALCARGO Charter Service contact if you have any questions or request for quotation.

e-mail: charter.jalcargo@ml.jal.com

JALCARGO Sales Office


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