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International e-tickets An easy way to receive your boarding pass at the airport.

The e-ticket is secure, fast and easy

With an e-ticket, all of your purchase data is stored in JAL's computer database. The only thing you need to remember is to take your e-ticket itinerary/receipt.


Request your e-ticket online or by telephone. No more time spent picking up an air ticket. And you can even request your e-ticket at the last minute.


Your e-ticket itinerary/receipt can be sent by e-mail, fax or mail. Just take your passport along with your e-ticket itinerary/receipt to the airport.


No worries about forgetting your air ticket, or about theft or loss. If you misplace your e-ticket itinerary/receipt, a new one will be issued at no cost.


Q Does this mean there are no air tickets anymore?
A There are still air tickets, but the ticket data are stored electronically instead of being printed on paper.
Q What do I need to purchase an e-ticket?
A It would be benificial if you could register your JAL Mileage Bank membership number, passport number,etc. at the time of purchase for identification purposes.
Q So I don't have to worry about my air ticket when traveling?
A That's correct, but you do need to show your e-ticket itinerary/receipt when checking in. You may also need to present your e-ticket itinerary/receipt when going through immigration procedures.
Q What is an e-ticket itinerary/receipt?
A It is a receipt for passengers indicating their itinerary and other information. You must show your e-ticket itinerary/receipt when checking in. Not having your e-ticket itinerary/receipt may take time for check-in.  
Q Can anyone request an e-ticket itinerary/receipt to be reissued?
A No, identification check will be made. If you can provide a registered JAL Mileage Bank membership number, passport number,etc. the check will be conducted promptly.
Q I am traveling to the US and heard that I need to show my return air ticket entering the country.
A Proof of the return trip is required for the Visa Waiver Program, but you can show your e-ticket itinerary/receipt instead of an air ticket. This applies to the US and other nations with similar requirements.

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