Check-in and Boarding Information Traveling with Pets

Pets traveling on Japan Airlines will be accommodated in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.  The utmost care will be taken by Japan Airlines staff to ensure that pets travel safely.

Information for code-share flights.
Operating carrier of code-share flight will provide service at airport and in-flight.
Check-in process and service varies by flight.
Please consult with JAL International reservation or your travel agency for details.

When traveling on codeshare flights operated by partner carrier, the operating carrier's conditions of carriage may apply with respect to certain services.
If you are traveling on AA Operating codeshare flight, please click opens in new windowhere. (PDF 322KB)

If you are traveling on WS Operating codeshare flight, please click opens in new windowhere.

Certified Service Animals

Certified Service Animals (guide dogs, signal dogs, and assist dogs) will be allowed to accompany their owner in the passenger cabin. Please note that advanced reservations are required for the service animal. For details, please contact a Japan Airlines representative.
Passengers traveling with Certified Service Animals must also confirm and prepare any import/export documentation required for travel. Japan Airlines recommends that passengers contact the appropriate government offices well in advance of one’s travel date.

Information on the Aircraft Cargo Compartment

The environment in the cargo hold of the aircraft is controlled in the same manner as the passenger cabin. The ventilation system ensures that air is well circulated and the temperature in the cargo hold is maintained.

Arranging Travel for Accompanied Pets

Passengers who wish to travel with their pet should contact Japan Airlines at the time a flight reservation is booked, as advanced reservations are required.(*)

Suspension of Carriage of French Bulldogs and Bulldogs

In general, dogs are susceptible to changes in temperature, humidity, light, pressure, and sound, such as those experienced on an airplane, and, in our experience, French Bulldogs and Bulldogs, specifically, are especially vulnerable to these changes. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your pet, starting on July 20, 2007, Japan Airlines will no longer accept French Bulldogs or Bulldogs on any of its international and domestic flights.

Important Notes

  • 1. To ensure that space is available in the aircraft cargo compartment, advanced reservations through JAL Reservations are required.
  • 2. Dogs and cats must be over the age of 8 weeks to travel. French Bulldogs and Bulldogs will not be accepted.( ** )
  • 3. Pets must be in good health, not predisposed to cause harm to other animals, humans, or objects, and should not have an offensive odor.  Pregnant pets will not be accepted.
  • 4. Passengers must supply a crate satisfied the following conditions. Japan Airlines does not supply crates.
    • a. large enough to allow freedom of movement to stand, lie down and turn down
    • b. Containers must be made of a solid material (plastic, metal, wood, etc.), with ample ventilation openings covered by weld mesh and a leak-proof bottom.
    • c. Containers made entirely of welded mesh or wire mesh are not suitable for air transport.
    • d. lockable
  • 5. The passenger is responsible for confirming and preparing all import/export documentation required for travel and making arrangements with the appropriate quarantine offices. Please be sure to contact the appropriate consulate, embassy, and quarantine offices regarding import/export regulations well in advance of travel. Valid import/export documentation must be presented in its entirety at the JAL check-in counter on the day of travel.
  • 6. The accompanying passenger must also sign documentation required by JAL at the time of check-in.
  • 7. Additional restrictions may apply to pet travel depending on the flight itinerary booked.
  • 8. For itineraries that include flight segments operated by other air carriers, it will be the responsibility of the passenger to confirm arrangements for the their pet with each respective carrier. Please note that under certain circumstances, Japan Airlines cannot accept the transfer of pets from other airlines.
  • ( * ) For pets traveling alone, please contact the nearest opens in new windowJAL CARGO office for information.
  • ( ** ) To inquire regarding the transport of other types of animals (birds, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, marmots, chipmunks, squirrels and chinchillas), please contact opens in new windowJAL Reservations.


Charges for each pet container will be assessed according to the route. To receive a quotation, please contact opens in new windowJAL Reservations.

1. Planning for Travel with Your Pet

Rules regarding the import and export of pets vary by country and region. Prior to travel, be sure to contact the quarantine office, embassy, consulate, etc., of your departure and arrival countries to determine the required documentation for import and export of your pet. This may include an export quarantine certificate, import/export permit, health certificate, and import certificate. Confirm that you have obtained and completed the required forms in advance.

  • For countries requiring an export quarantine examination, please complete the examination prior to going to the check-in counter.( *** )
  • These procedures may take a considerable amount of time. Please arrive at the airport early enough to complete them before your flight. JAL recommends you arrive at least two hours prior to your scheduled departure time.
  • ( *** )In cases where an export examination is required at an airport in Japan, please confirm the quarantine office’s hours of operation in advance.

When checking your pet in, you will be required to sign a waiver. The waiver is available for download online from the following link.
Please bring the completed waiver with you to the check-in counter on the day of departure.

Download waiver (PDF 341KB)

* In order to view PDF documents, you will need to install Adobe Reader on your computer.

opens in new windowabout PDF

2. Check-in Procedures

Pets will be checked at the check-in counter at the time the accompanying passenger checks-in. Please present the JAL agent with your pet’s import/export documentation in the same manner you present your airline ticket and passport.
Sign the required JAL forms regarding the carriage of pets. The JAL agent will provide you with information on the fee for your pet’s travel and collect the applicable charge.
JAL is not able to provide your pet with food or water after check-in (including transfer points). JAL recommends you give your pet sufficient food and water prior to check-in. The passenger may put a water pod and a food container inside the pet's crate that will not leak prior to check-in.
Because international flights tend to be long, JAL can provide you with an insulating sheet that will help keep your pet warm during the flight by retaining the pet’s body heat. You may obtain a sheet to place in the container by requesting one at the JAL check-in counter.

3. Prior to Loading

Your pet will be kept in a climate-controlled room until just prior to departure. Pets are not placed on conveyor belts with other luggage. Pets are carefully carried to the plane by our ground staff. Your pet is then loaded onto the plane. Pets are carried on covered trailers to protect them from rain, wind, or other weather conditions.

4. Environment Onboard the Aircraft

* Loading area for pets vary with aircraft type.

Pets are placed in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. During the flight, the temperature your pet experiences in the bulk cargo compartment may vary depending on the outside temperature and the exact location of the pet crate. However, the air is well circulated and the temperature in the cargo hold is maintained. JAL also wraps crates with air cushion rolls, while allowing for ventilation, and takes other measures to ensure a safe in-flight environment for your pet.

5. Meeting Your Pet at the Destination Airport


A JAL agent will carry your pet from the cargo compartment to the arrival lobby and deliver your pet directly to you in the baggage claim area. From this point, take your pet to the quarantine office and complete the necessary import procedures.

We accept animals in the cargo compartment under the following conditions.

  • 1. Advanced reservation is required to ensure that space is available in the aircraft cargo compartment.
    • * At the time of reservation, we will ask your crate size(width/height/depth), total weight of your pet and crate together, type and age of your pet.
    • * There is a limit of size and number of pet crate per each aircraft types.
    • * We might need several days to confirm your reservation due to the limited space of each aircraft.
  • 2. We accept the following live animals (domestic pets).
    Dogs, cats, small birds (that eat seeds, fruit and insects), rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, marmots, squirrels, chinchillas
    • * Dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks of age to travel.
    • * French Bulldogs and Bulldogs are not accepted.
  • 3. Pets must be in good health, should not cause harm to other animals or baggage, and should not have an offensive odor. Pregnant pets will not be accepted.
  • 4. Arrange a crate which meets the following requirements:
    • a. Crates must be large enough for the animal to stand up, lie down and turn around.
    • b. Crates must be constructed of durable plastic, fiberglass, wood or material of similar strength, and be leak proof.
    • c. Crates must have proper ventilation.
    • d. Crates which are made entirely of welded mesh or wire mesh except the bottom surface are not suitable for air transport.
    • e. Crates must be lockable and escape proof.
    • Rabbits, hamsters and other pets known for their strong teeth will fly in special carriers that are fully enclosed with wire mesh to prevent them from damaging wiring and other sensitive aircraft components.

    S size

    S size L25cms×W35cms×H25cms Weight4.6kg
    M size L32cms×W39cms×H32cms Weight7.4kg
  • 5. Obtain the necessary documents according to the quarantine regulations of the exporting and importing countries. The passenger shall be solely responsible for confirming and preparing all import and export documentation. Please check with the quarantine office, the appropriate embassy, consulate, etc., and take the necessary procedures.
  • 6. You will be requested to sign our documents at the departure airport.

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