Use of Child Seat Onboard Aircraft

For safety reasons, an adult travelling with two Infants under 2 years of age will be required to use a Child Seat for one Infant.
(The customer is requested to make a reservation for one Infant and pay child fare.)
You may bring your own Child Seat, or you may use our Child Seat Rental Service if you do not have one.
This Service is also available for children who has difficulty in sitting upright due to physical reason.

For customers who bring their own Child Seat

BUCKET TYPE(Forward/ Rear facing type and Convertible type)Child Seats which satisfy either one of the following standards may be used onboard.

  1. (1) Satisfy Japanese standards (apparatus type with specific standards) and is affixed with the prescribed mark.
  2. (2) Satisfy Western standards (ECE,FMVSS) and is affixed with the prescribed mark.
  3. (3) "TSO-C100b" is shown on Child Seat.
  4. (4) The aircraft seat belt buckle (2.5cm thick, 6.5cm wide, 6.5cm long) can be slipped through the hole of the Child Seat belt.
  5. (5) The infant/child can be seated in the Child Seat and does not exceed the weight limitation shown on the Child Seat.

A certain product of Child Seat out of BOOSTER SEAT TYPE Child Seats without a seat back or sides and VEST AND HARNESS TYPE Child Seats with only a seat back but no seating surface or sides can be used. opens in new window Please contact us for the details.

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For customers using JAL's Child Seat Rental Service

Please make advance reservations for the Child Seat Rental Service. Please contact our Reservations Center by 17:00 three days before the day of departure in the case of domestic flights in Japan, or 96 hours before the departure time for international flights. Book early as the number of Child Seats is limited.(For domestic reservation, we may be able to accept your Child Seat request by 17:00, 1 day prior to flight departure. Please contact Smile Support Service. )
Child Seat cannot be used on code-share flights operated by other airlines.

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