Information on the routes upon which JAL Sky Suite 777 , JAL Sky Suite 767 and JAL SKY SUITE 787 are to be introduced

JAL SKY SUITE 777 (777-300ER)

Flight From To Day of Operation Notes
JL006 Tokyo(Narita) New York Daily  
JL005 New York Tokyo(Narita)
JL010 Tokyo(Narita) Chicago Daily  
JL009 Chicago Tokyo(Narita)
JL062 Tokyo(Narita) Los Angeles Daily  
JL061 Los Angeles Tokyo(Narita)
JL725 Tokyo(Narita) Jakarta Daily  
JL726 Jakarta Tokyo(Narita)
JL771 Tokyo(Narita) Sydney Daily  
JL772 Sydney Tokyo(Narita)
JL002 Tokyo(Haneda) San Francisco Daily  
JL001 San Francisco Tokyo(Haneda)
JL043 Tokyo(Haneda) London Daily  
JL044 London Tokyo(Haneda)
JL045 Tokyo(Haneda) Paris Daily  
JL046 Paris Tokyo(Haneda)

JAL SKY SUITE 777 (777-200ER)

JL029 Tokyo(Haneda) Hong Kong Daily  
JL026 Hong Kong Tokyo(Haneda)
JL031 Tokyo(Haneda) Bangkok Daily  
JL034 Bangkok Tokyo(Haneda)
JL033 Tokyo(Haneda) Bangkok Daily  
JL032 Bangkok Tokyo(Haneda)
JL037 Tokyo(Haneda) Singapore Daily  
JL036 Singapore Tokyo(Haneda)
JL080 Tokyo(Haneda) Honolulu Daily(*) * JAL SKY SUITE 777 (SS2) service from Dec. 15, 2016. (* will be operated with a JAL SKY SUITE 777 (SS7) on Dec. 28, 2016 - Jan. 8, 2017.)
JL089 Honolulu Tokyo(Haneda)

JAL SKY SUITE 787 (787-8)

Flight From To Day of Operation Notes
JL012 Tokyo(Narita) Dallas/Fort Worth Daily  
JL011 Dallas/Fort Worth Tokyo(Narita)
JL004 Tokyo(Narita) New York Daily  
JL003 New York Tokyo(Narita)
JL415 Tokyo(Narita) Paris Daily  
JL416 Paris Tokyo(Narita)
JL413 Tokyo(Narita) Helsinki Daily  
JL414 Helsinki Tokyo(Narita)
JL421 Tokyo(Narita) Moscow Three flight a week.(*) * Service on Wed, Fri, Sun.
JL422 Moscow Tokyo(Narita)
JL751 Tokyo(Narita) Hanoi Daily  
JL752 Hanoi Tokyo(Narita)
JL749 Tokyo(Narita) Delhi Daily  
JL740 Delhi Tokyo(Narita)

JAL SKY SUITE 787 (787-9)

Flight From To Day of Operation Notes
JL407 Tokyo(Narita) Frankfurt Daily  
JL408 Frankfurt Tokyo(Narita)
JL008 Tokyo(Narita) Boston Daily  
JL007 Boston Tokyo(Narita)
JL723 Tokyo(Narita) Kuala Lumpur Daily  
JL724 Kuala Lumpur Tokyo(Narita)


Flight From To Day of Operation Notes
JL741 Tokyo(Narita) Manila Daily  
JL742 Manila Tokyo(Narita)
JL784 Tokyo(Narita) Honolulu Daily  
JL783 Honolulu Tokyo(Narita)
JL786 Tokyo(Narita) Honolulu Daily  
JL785 Honolulu Tokyo(Narita)
JL729 Tokyo(Narita) Jakarta Daily  
JL720 Jakarta Tokyo(Narita)
JL711 Tokyo(Narita) Singapore Daily  
JL712 Singapore Tokyo(Narita)
JL745 Tokyo(Narita) Manila Daily  
JL746 Manila Tokyo(Narita)
JL811 Tokyo(Narita) Kaohsiung Daily(*) * JL811:will be operated with a different seat specification on Dec. 28, 2016 - Jan. 8, 2017.
* JL812:will be operated with a different seat specification on Dec. 29, 2016 - Jan. 9, 2017.
JL812 Kaohsiung Tokyo(Narita)
JL035 Tokyo(Haneda) Singapore Daily  
JL038 Singapore Tokyo(Haneda)
JL085 Tokyo(Haneda) Shanghai Daily  
JL086 Shanghai Tokyo(Haneda)
JL087 Tokyo(Haneda) Guangzhou Daily  
JL088 Guangzhou Tokyo(Haneda)