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JAL SKY SHELL SEAT | Premium Economy Class Good Design Awards 2008

Experience a new way to fly. The ingenious JAL SKY SHELL SEAT design  provides generous personal space and many premium comfort features.

JAL Sky Shell Seat

Launch route

  • JAL Sky Shell Seat

    20% More Room
    A variety of passengers - young and old, male and female, and those with varying body heights and weights - participated in the development of the JAL Sky Shell Seat. Based on their valuable opinions, the new seat was designed with 20% more room than ordinary Economy seats and a seat pitch of 97 cm in order to provide better relaxation.
  • JAL Sky Shell Seat

    Ensuring Personal Freedom
    With a shell shape covering the back of the seat, the new seat features a mechanism that allows passengers to recline by sliding their seat forward. This means that the seat in front of you will never tilt back into your space when reclining, ensuring greater comfort for you.
  • JAL Sky Shell Seat

    Additional Comfort
    Along with the standard footrest, a leg-support has also been added. Enjoy the relaxation right down to your toes.* Please note that the very front row of seats has only the leg-support.
  • JAL Sky Shell Seat

    All seats are equipped with JAL's state-of-the-art Audio/Video on Demand (AVOD) in-flight entertainment system. Passengers can watch a variety of different programs, which can be accessed as desired, using the play, stop, fast-forward, and rewind functions, on a large 9-inch video screen.
  • JAL Sky Shell Seat

    Supporting Your Business
    For business travelers who need to work during their flight, Premium Economy Class seats offer power outlets as well as large tray tables with enough room to hold both an A4-size laptop and a beverage.* Please note that the specifications of the tables for the very front row of seats differ from that of other seats. Guide for PC Power Supply
  • JAL Sky Shell Seat

    Special Cabin
    A separate Premium Economy Class cabin has been created, located in front of the ordinary Economy class seating.
  • JAL Sky Shell Seat

    Handy Trays
    In the center console between the seats, you find a cocktail tray for placing drinks. There is also a small storage compartment underneath that can fit a 500ml drink bottle.* Please note that the very front row of seats has no storage compartment.