Inflight dining / JAL Premium Economy Class Be surprised by our original meals collaboratively designed with famous restaurants and brands widely enjoyed by people in Japan.

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  • *Inflight meals must be consumed during the flight.
  • *Meal will be served 1 hour after take off.
  • *Meal for flights departing midnight will be served 2 hour and 30 minutes before arrival.
  • *Please be reminded that above stated timing of service may change in occasion, such as weather condition.
  • *Passengers can reserve special inflight allergy-friendly meals in advance.
    JAL takes utmost care when preparing meals for passengers with food allergies, however, there may be cases where minute amount of allergens are detected in the meal.
    Please ask our cabin attendants if you have any concerns about our allergy information for our inflight meals.
    There is a limited amount of information that we can provide during the flight. Please choose your meals at your own discretion.

Collaboratively-designed menus

  • About JAL Kitchen Gallery

    With the hope that people will say "I want to fly JAL because I look forward to the food", the goal was to make meals that are delicious but that also bring more fun to catching a flight. Adding an extra something special to mealtime. Let the JAL Kitchen Gallery, born from JAL's warm hospitality, make your time in the skies more enjoyable.

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Menu by six young talented chefs.

* Menu sample

In-flight Meals Complied by Young Chefs.

We welcomed the six young chef finalists from RED U-35, Japanís largest culinary competition aimed at discovering young talent of tomorrow. JAL will serve new in-flight meals in a variety of cuisines in Premium Economy and Economy Class, such as Japanese, French, and Chinese cuisines.

It was launched in 2013 as Japanís largest culinary competition aimed at discovering young and talented chefs of tomorrow. Backed by Japanís food industry leaders, this contest evaluates contestants, for the purpose of discovering and supporting the growth of a new generation of chefs [creators] who are filled with dreams, ambitions, and new values.

Available on routes

From Tokyo (Narita) to
Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Moscow, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Delhi, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok
* Two options are available for main dish on above route excluding Manila service.
From Tokyo (Haneda) to
London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Singapore (JL037), Bangkok (JL031)
From Nagoya to
From Osaka (Kansai) to
Los Angeles

Hokkaido, Kyushu Series

* Menu sample

JAL provides meals with “Hokkaido and Kyushu” theme meals to Premium Economy and Economy Class passengers.
We will provide a wonderful travel experience filled with fun and surprises for our customers.

Available on routes

From Japan to
Shanghai (Hongqiao, Pudong), Beijing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hongkong, Taipei (Taoyuan, Songshan) and Kaohsiung.

AIR Series [AIR Soup Stock Tokyo]

* Menu sample

Mushroom Soup with Veggies and Chicken
Enjoy your flight with delicious sauteed mushroom soup from Soup Stock Tokyo. This is the original recipe made to keep you warm inside the cabin.

Available on routes

From Tokyo (Narita) to
 Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Sydney and Melbourne.
From Tokyo (Haneda) to
 San Francisco, New York (from 1st of April), London and Paris
From Osaka (Kansai) to
 Los Angeles

Shiseido Parlour

* Menu sample

We are pleased to serve "Shiseido Parlour for resort " created by lead chefs of Shiseido Parlour's Ginza Head Restaurant. Please enjoy this special meal made especially for JAL.

Available on routes

From Tokyo (Narita) to
Honolulu and Kona

Other meal options

In addition to the standard Economy Class meals, Premium Economy Class passengerss can enjoy cup noodles,
sweets, and other snacks as part of our snack service. Speak with our flight attendants - they'll be happy to help.

* Menu sample


JAL's UDON de SKY, a light meal of udon noodles originally created by JAL.

  • *Photo may not represent actual product.
  • *Snack service provided differs depending on flight route.
  • *Routes providing snacks are subject to change based on aircraft availability.

Available on routes

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, London, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris, Moscow, Sydney, Honolulu, Southeast Asia routes (except Manila).

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