JAL Cell-phone Rental Service (For Japan Domestic Use)

85 yen per minute for dial outcall by dedicated Japan domestic calls phone! Service that allows you to use your same telephone number! The same phone number and same mail address can be used even in Japan! On the spot rental is also acceptable when you travel to Japan on short notice! JMB miles can also be earned!

It's a service for passengers who fly JAL Group airlines flights and for JAL Mileage Bank members. Two types of phone rentals are available for any eligible custmers. One is "Standard Rental" and the other is "DOCOMO Partnership Operator Contractor Rental" for those who have contract with overseas DOCOMO partnership cell-phone company.

Standard Rental

  • Speedy and single settlement using payment by time count! It’s very convenient for your business trip.
  • Please choose one of the followings.

Dedicated Japan Domestic calls phone

You can receive Japan domestic and international calls and can make Japan domestic out calls.

Japan Domestic and International common use phone

Outgoing and incoming calls are available for Japan domestic and international use.

DOCOMO Partnership Operator Contractor Rental

JAL mobile phone rental service powered by NTT DOCOMO will end on the 31st of January,2014. Thank you for using our services.
January 31st , 2014
Please send the rental phone back by due date.
Please use Global roaming ready mobile phone.
  • Insert your usual SIM into rental phone and you can utilize the same phone number and mail-address used overseas.
  • When returning cell-phone at the airport, you will settle rental charge only.

These links will open the NTT DOCOMO, Inc. website.

NTT DOCOMO has roaming agreements with operators all over the world.
You must also have an individual subscription for roaming service provided by the mobile phone operator that you subscribe with. For more information, contact your mobile phone operator.

  1. 1. How to Apply
    Only available at docomo world counter in the following airports
    Narita Airport Terminals 1 and 2, Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport Terminals 1 and 2, and Central Japan International Airport.
    Items Required:Credit card, Passport, SIM Card
  2. 2. Contents of Rental Equipment
    Handset (LG U8500), Battery charger, Phone case, User's Manual
  3. 3. Fees and Charges
    1. 1. Rental fees
      ¥700/day (¥735/day incl. tax)
    2. 2. Payment
      Credit card only (payment in advance)
      NOTE:Accepted credit cards
    3. 3. Call charges
      Call charges are billed by the mobile phone operator that you subscribe with
      -The maximum rental period for handsets is 30 days (including extension).
  4. 4. Inquiries
    Please contact JAL Cell-Phone Rental Service for further information regarding the handset rental service.
    Hours: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (Japan time)
    For calls from overseas: +81-44-210-5163
    From inside Japan: 0120-250-720 (toll free) available only in Japan
    Note: Calls can also be made from PHS or cell phones.