Special in-flight meals

We offer an extensive array of tempting special meals for those with health or religious dietary requirements. We also provide special meals for infants and small children. Please feel free to tell us your dietary needs!

Requesting a Special In-flight Meal

If you would like to enjoy a special in-flight meal, please make your request before the relevant deadline stated below.

Type of meal Request deadline
JAL Website Phone/Mail
Baby Food/Baby Meal At least 25 hours before your flight's departure At least 24 hours before your flight's departure
Child Meal
Vegetarian Meal
Low-fat Meal
Low-salt Meal
Low-calorie Meal
Gluten Intolerant Meal
Bland Meal (Ulcer or soft-foods)
Diabetic Meal
Fruit Platter Meal
Vegetarian Raw Meal
Seafood Meal
Low Lactose Meal
Hindu Meal
Vegetarian Hindu Meal
Vegetarian Oriental Meal
Moslem Meal
Vegetarian Jain Meal
Minimal Allergen Meal Menus unavailable At least 72 hours before your flight's departure
Kosher Meal

If you have booked directly with JAL

Please call opens in new windowJAL International Reservations and Information

If you have booked your flight with us through a travel agent
Please contact the agent with whom you made your reservation direct.

  • * If you reside outside Japan, please call your nearest JAL branch office.

Because of the time needed to source ingredients, please request kosher meals at least 72 hours before your flight’s departure and allergy-free meals no later than 72 hours before your flight’s departure.

* Photo does not show actual meal

JAL has teamed up with globally renowned minimal allergen food producer. Tsuji Anzen Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (Tsuji Foods Ltd.) to create a delicious and nutritious new in-flight menu.
With the exception of green salad and fruits dishes, all meals are prepared by Tsuji Foods Ltd. in kitchens exclusively used for minimal allergen meals. All meals including green salad and fruits are subsequently readied for serving in our official airline catering company’s kitchens, which is not a minimal allergen kitchens. All main entrees have been exclusively created for JAL by Tsuji Foods Ltd.
Persons with serious food allergies are recommended to consult with a physician about their meal selections before their flight departs.

  • * While JAL and its caterers make every effort to prevent allergen penetration during food handling and preparation, tiny levels of such substances may sometimes unintentionally appear in meals.
  • * Please note that minimal allergen meals may sometimes be unavailable because of weather conditions or other unforeseeable irregularities.

opens in new window For further details, please visit Tsuji Foods Ltd.’s website

Vegetarian Meal

*Photo is an image of Economy class meal

We offer two types of Vegetarian Meal. One is totally free of eggs or dairy products, and the other one is Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian meal.

Vegetarian Hindu Meal (Asian)

This spicy vegetarian meal is ideal for those who do not eat meat and meat products,fish,fowl and products with lard or gelatine,egg for religious reasons.

Vegetarian Raw Meal

This meal is ideal for those who love raw vegetables and fruits.

  • * Reservations for raw food vegetarian meals cannot be made online and must be placed by phone.

Hindu Meal

Totally free from beef, this meal is ideal for those of the Hindu faith.

Moslem Meal

The Moslem meal that our company provides is offered in full accordance with IATA guidelines.

Prohibited articles

  • Pork and pig by-products
  • Gelatine
  • Alcohol
  • Flavouring extracts with alcohol
  • Non-white fishmeat from species without scales or fins

Tokyo May 30, 2016: From June1, 2016, Japan Airlines will be serving Muslim meals which have received halal certification*1 from the Japan Islamic Trust*2 on all international flights from Japan.

  • *1 Meals which have cleared criteria in accordance with Islamic laws and legally approved by Islamic laws.
  • *2 A religious corporation registered with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Has issued halal certification from 1999. Approved as a certifying entity in Japan by halal certifying entities in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Thailand.

halal logo

*Photo is an image of Economy class meal

Kosher Meal

This meal has been specially blessed and sealed according to custom and is ideal for Jewish passengers.

Baby Food/Baby Meal

Baby Food
(*Photo does not show actual meal)

Baby Food

Special meals are available for children aged up to 8 months old. (Please note that the 7 Minimal Allergen Meal Menu is only available only on flights departing from Japan. Minimal Allergen meals for infants will NOT be available on flights to Japan departing from overseas).

  • Sample Meal for Flights Departing from Japan
    Kewpie Baby Food
    (Vegetable Porridge: Contains carrots, potatoes, onions, Japanese radishes, burdock, rice, cornstarch, salt and dried bonito).
    (Strained carrot and potato: Contains carrots, dried mashed potatoes, apple and fruit juice concentrate).
  • * These meals do NOT contain wheat, eggs, buckwheat or peanuts.

Baby Meal
(*Photo does not show actual meal)

Baby Meal

Special meals are available for children aged from 9 months to under 2 years old.

  • Sample Meal for European services
    Entrée (Fried rice with tomatoes and mixed vegetable in cream sauce), banana, jelly, bread and crackers.

Child meal from 2 years old and over, reservation required.
- Available - Reservations Required

New Child meal menu "BEDD for Kids" will be introduced from 29th APR!
This service is only for flights from Japan(Narita/Haneda).
For further details, please visit our "SKY AUBERGE BEDD by JAL" website.

General routes
(*Photo does not show actual meal)

Diabetic Meal

This specially prepared meal is ideal for those suffering from diabetes.

Low-fat Meal

This meal is prepared using lots of high-fiber ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables and is ideal for passengers on low-cholesterol or reduced-fat diets.


  • * Low-calorie Meal
  • * Low-salt Meals
  • * Gluten Intolerant Meal
  • * Bland Meal (Ulcer or soft-foods)
  • * Low Lactose Meal
  • * Seafood Meal
  • * Fruit Platter Meal
  • * Vegetarian Jain Meal
  • * Vegetarian Oriental Meal

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