Charles De Gaulle International Airport [Paris] Lounge

Lounge service


AIR FRANCE Lounge is available in the Charles De Gaulle International Airport.


Under French law, unaccompanied minors (under 18 years of age) are prohibited from entering premises serving alcoholic beverages.
Accordingly, unaccompanied minors (under 18 years of age) are not permitted to use the Lounge as alcohol is served.
Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.


AIR FRANCE Lounge is available in the Charles De Gaulle International Airport for the customers on the list described below.

Criteria based on membership status

Membership status Member One companion
JMB Diamond Available Available
JGC Premier Available Available
JMB Sapphire Available Available
JMB Crystal Not available.
JAL Global Club Available Available
For codeshare flights operated by JAL partner carriers

The lounge of the operating carrier is available. (There may be some exceptional airports.)

Membership status benefits on codeshare flights

Criteria based on boarding class

Boarding class AIR FRANCE Lounge
First Class *1 Available
Business Class Available
Premium Economy Class *2 Available
Economy Class (Flex Y Fare)
Economy Class (Standard B / Semi-Flex B Fare) *3
  • *Operating aircraft and seating configurations are subject to change without prior notice.


On Level 2, there are check-in counters, toilets, currency exchange offices, elevators, Tax Free counter DETAX, immigration control. Once you pass through security, there are toilets and elevators tranferring to Level 1 AIR FRANCE Lounge. Once you pass through immigration control, you can transfer to Satellite 3 and 4 via shuttles. There is security in each Satelite. On Satellite 3 Level 1 and Satellite 4, there are AIR FRANCE Lounges.

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