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Your exclusive restaurant in the sky. JAL dining offers tempting new menus created by dedicated chefs for a thoroughly unforgettable dining experience.

JAL BEDD SKY AUBERGU Think of it:a luxurious restaurant with offerings from around the world, flying through the sky. Travel without being disturbed by anyone, with high-flying views of clouds and terrain, while enjoying food artfully prepared by our highly skilled chefs. The last "D" of "JAL BEDD," the name of our flying restaurant that is enjoyed all over the world, refers to the concepts of care-free "Dining" with "Delicious" foods and "Dream-like" comfort. Enjoy a lofty dining experience right from your seat in the sky.

In-flight Meal Search

Special In-flight Meals
Minimal allergen meals, and other special meals for children or passengers with religious, health or preferences.

JAL website exclusive
Business Class In-flight Meal Reservation Service
Before departure, visit JAL's website and choose either a Japanese or Western meal (beef).

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