Access Europe easily via Helsinki!

JAL is finally flying to the popular capital Helsinki, the Finnish Capital of Scandinavia, that attractively combines a modern city with an abundance of nature. Helsinki is located comparatively near to Japan, and is perfectly situated as a gateway to Europe. We offer a new level of comfort and convenience for those who commute to Japan and Europe on business.

Tokyo(Narita)/Osaka(Kansai)/Nagoya(Chubu)/Fukuoka - Helsinki flight schedule  Mileage earned (one-way) : Tokyo (Narita) 5,229miles , Osaka(Kansai) 5,123miles , Nagoya(Chubu) 5,162miles , Fukuoka5,008miles

October 29, 2017 - March 24, 2018

Flight Numeber Day of Operation Aircraft Dep. Time Arr. Time
JL413 Daily 787-9(SS9) Tokyo (Narita) 11:30 Helsinki 15:00
JL6801/AY074 *1 Daily - Tokyo (Narita) 11:55 Helsinki 15:20
JL6803/AY078 *1 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun. - Osaka (Kansai) 11:45 Helsinki 15:10
JL6805/AY080 *1 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. - Nagoya (Chubu) 11:55 Helsinki 15:10
JL6807/AY076 *1 Service on October 29, 2017. - Fukuoka 10:00 Helsinki 13:25
JL414 Daily 787-9(SS9) Helsinki 17:05 Tokyo (Narita) 9:35+1
JL6800/AY073 *1 Daily - Helsinki 17:20 Tokyo (Narita) 10:00+1
JL6802/AY077 *1 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun. - Helsinki 17:25 Osaka (Kansai) 10:00+1
JL6804/AY079 *1 Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. - Helsinki 17:15 Nagoya (Chubu) 9:40+1
  • *1 Codeshare flights with Finnair (AY) Flights are offered through AY airports and with AY in-flight services (including in-flight sales). JAL air crew will not be present.
  • * The schedule is as of October 26, 2017. All times are stated in local time.
  • * Please be aware that both flight schedules and aircraft are subject to change without notice.

+1: Arrives a day after the date of departure

Traveling across Europe has become even easier! The time required has been greatly reduced!

With convenient arrival times, same day transfers to many European cities have become a reality! With Helsinki as its gateway, the JAL European network gets you there at maximum speed. We offer the shortest, fastest round trips to and from many European cities.  Smooth transfers!  Transfers at Helsinki International Airport  It takes just 35 minutes!

Airport Guide/Lounge Service

Other enhanced services at Helsinki Airport

Point1 Automated gates have been introduced
Automated immigration hall gates have been introduced as a trial for Japanese passengers. The automatic gates greatly reduce the time required at passport control, allowing you to board your return flight more smoothly.
Point2 Free Wifi Service
A wireless internet connection is available throughout the entire terminal. Multiple internet kiosks are also installed where you can use the telephone and other services.
Furthermore, wireless cell phone chargers are provided. Please ask about charging at cafes, restaurants, and lounges.
Point3 Japanese signs are installed throughout the airport
Japanese signs are installed throughout the airport, and by using the network of 41 European destinations offered by JAL’s Oneworld Alliance partner Finnair, you can reach your destination stress free.

Sightseeing information

  • The aurora

    In winter, you must see the aurora! The aurora are clearly visible from Lapland (Northern Finland), situated within the Arctic Circle. The “Aurora”, curtains of light that appear in the night sky, are truly one of the wonders of the Earth.
  • Dog sledding

    Boarding a sleigh pulled by huskies and experiencing the feeling of gliding through a silent snow field that stretches as far as the eye can see will surely be an unforgettable experience.
    You will be surprised at how fast you travel!
  • Touring other countries (Tallinn)

    Tallinn’s charming Old Town is filled with an attractive mix of medieval streets and spires. The sightseeing areas of this small town are safe and can be explored on foot.
    To discover Tallinn’s history, visit the Rocca Al Mare open air museum, with its typically Estonian country taverns, windmills and water mills.

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