JAL charter flights to Palau! Packed with many of the world famous dive spots and other activities assuring you full enjoyment of the nature! Please don't miss flying to Palau on JAL charter flights. Bringing you non-stop to Palau only in 4 hours and a half! © Palau Visitors Authority

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Reservations for Palau charter flights in December and January will be accepted on/after November 21 due to the transformation of JAL Group's Passenger Service System that is scheduled to take place on November16, 2017.

Japan - Palau  (charter schedules)

Schedule in December, 2017

Route Dep.Date Dep. Time* Arr. Time             Date and time of starting accepting reservation
Tokyo(Narita)→Palau December.30 10:00 14:50    

From 10:00
(Japan time) on


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Schedule in January, 2018

Route Dep.Date Dep. Time* Arr. Time   Route Dep.Dat Dep. Time Arr. Time*   Date and time of starting accepting reservation
Tokyo(Narita)→Palau January.3 10:00 14:50   Palau→Tokyo(Narita) January.3 16:20 20:40

From 10:00
(Japan time) on

    Palau→Tokyo(Narita) January.7 16:20 20:40

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  • - This is the flight schedule as of October 18, 2017.
  • * Time of departure/arrival of charter flights may be changed for the reason that adjustment of landing slot is necessary.
    Please confirm your final flight schedule on this page one day prior to the day of your departure.
  • * The number of seats available for charter flights may be limited, or may not be available. Appreciate your understanding.

Information for visitors to Palau

Palau, a paradise surrounded by the beautiful ocean and the untouched nature, offers a variety of activities to all ages, let alone diving!

Palau is made up of the "Rock Islands" counting between 200 and 300 in number, and most of them are uninhabited, where you can fully enjoy the nature you have never experienced elsewhere.

Eagerly coveted by many divers, the ocean of Palau boasts of many of the best dive spots in the world, like Blue Corner and Blue Hole.

In addition to diving, Palau is full of many unique activities of great fun, including a kayaking tour going through jungles of mangroves.


Palau is a nation made up of about 300 islands, situated at the western end of Micronesia, in the western Pacific Ocean.
It will take more than 10 hours to Palau via Guam. However, JAL's non-stop charter flight will bring you to Palau only in 4 hours and a half.

Examples of air fare

IATA Normal Economy Class Fare From Tokyo (Narita) To Koror ¥188,700 (one-way)

IATA Normal Economy Class Fare From Tokyo (Narita) To Koror ¥290,300 (round trip)

  • * Fares shown exclude taxes and surcharges (such as Fuel Surcharge and Insurance Surcharge).
  • * Subject to approval of governments concerned
  • * Upon leaving Palau, US$20.00 as Departure Tax will be collected (children under 3 years of age are exempt) in addition to US$30.00 as Green Fee (to support Palau's environmental preservation), totaling US$50.00 payable in cash or by credit card.
  • * Advance seat selection should be made by 17:00 of the day before your departure.
  • * Web check-in service is not available for charter the flights.

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Some of the wonders of Palau