About booking international flight on JAL website (outbound journey from Japan)

Which airlines can be booked?

JAL international flights can be booked on this website.

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Who can book online? Any restriction?

Maximum number of passengers in a booking

Number of persons who can be booked in a single booking
Up to 9 persons including Adults (16 years of age or older), Youths (12 to 15 years of age), and Children*1
In the case of itineraries with connections to flights operated by other airlines, Deutsche Bahn rail services, or the like, the maximum number of people who can be booked in a single booking may be less than 9 persons.

Number of children and infants*1 permitted per adult

One infant per adult over the age of 16
Up to 3 children and infants per adult over the age of 16

The following bookings cannot be made online on the JAL website. Reservations can be made at JAL call center (opens in new windowInternational Reservation and Information). Reservations made at JAL call center are subject to a opens in new windowTicket Service Fee.

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Which fares can be booked online?

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How far in advance can bookings be made?

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Which itineraries can be booked online?

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Which flight sectors can be booked online?

Japan domestic sectors served by the JAL Group, other eligible sectors included in JAL Economy Class fares, and all flight sectors shown on the booking screen.

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About duplicate reservations

To enable as many customers as possible to effectively use our seats, Japan Airlines may cancel bookings when a customer makes multiple conflicting bookings(*) that cannot be actually used in terms of itinerary.

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About waitlist

Waitlist booking is not available on the JAL website.
Pleasecontact usfor assistance.

Seat selection

Seats on JAL Group flights can be selected at the time of booking.
For details on advance seat selection, please check here.

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Special meal requests

Flights eligible for special meal requests

Special meals are not available on the following flights.

Request deadline

Eligible passengers

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Disposable diaper requests

Flights eligible for disposable diaper requests

Request deadline

Eligible passengers

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How to manage booking

JMB member

Access to the "International Flight" top page, login with JMB number and PIN on the left, select "Manage booking / purchase" in the member menu.

Non-JMB member

"Access to the "International Flight"" top page, select "My international booking" tab on the left, select "Manage booking" in the menu.

Passengers traveling with a JMB International Upgrade Award

To use the upgrade award, you are required to purchase a ticket for the flight first, then apply the upgrade from the JMB top page upon login.
About JAL International Upgrade Awards
If there are no seats available for an upgrade on the requested flight, the class of the purchased fare will be accommodated. Even for ticket refund due to no seats being available for upgrade, cancellation and refund charges will apply.


To cancel a booking before ticket purchase, it is acceptable before the departure date of the first flight segment in the itinerary.
To cancel a booking after ticket purchase, it can be done until 23:59 of the day prior to the departure date of the first flight segment in the itinerary. Cancellation and refund charges will apply.

Notices and information

About international flight ticket purchase on JAL website

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