First and Business class baggage will be given preferential treatment to be the first off the plane upon arrival.

We return your baggage at the arrival airport in the priority order of the first class, then the business class.

Passengers departing from Narita Airport Terminal 2, Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport,
Nagoya Airport and some overseas airports on non-discount Economy class fare or some eligible fares for Premium Economy Class service will have their baggage delivered swiftly on the heels of First and Business class baggage.

  • * This service is not applicable for passengers flying on Korea, and Guam routes from Narita(Terminal2), Haneda, Kansai,Nagoya Airport.
  • * This service is not available for passengers using though check-in from other airlines.
  • * Please note that the service may not be applicable to those who fly on codeshare flights operated by other airlines.