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Check-in for Japan Airlines International flights is accepted at Japan Airlines check-in counter on the 4th floor, except for some of our codeshare flights(JL5000-).

Security check

After passing the departure gate, there is an X-ray inspection of your carry-on baggage and a body-check.


Present your completed embarkation card, passport and boarding pass. (Passengers with Japanese passports are no longer requested to fill out and submit their embarkation/disembarkation cards.)

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Terminal map
Terminal map



Passengers are asked to consult with quarantine personnel if you have any concern about your health.


Fill out an Entry Card with required matters and show your passport. ( Passengers with Japanese passports are no longer requested to fill out and submit their disembarkation cards.)

Baggage Claim

On the notice board, check the number of the turntable where the baggage of your flight comes out.


If you have nothing to declare, proceed to the green inspection counter. Show your passport and undergo a check by an inspector. You may be questioned about your destination, purposes and so on. If you have anything exceeding the extent of tax exemption, proceed to the inspection counter with a red lamp on.
All passenger entering Japan must present a “Declaration of personal effects and Unaccompanied articles” card to the customs inspector upon their arrival.

Airport map
Airport map


Connection from an international flight to a domestic flight

Passengers who will connect to a domestic flight such as one for Haneda after arriving by an international flight should receive all the baggage and undergo a custom inspection, and then check in again at the domestic flight counter. Note that it will not be a through check to your final destination in Japan.

Connecting passengers from Domestic to International

Passengers whoever do not hold seat and/or have not yet checked in their baggage are kindly requested to proceed connection counter on the 4th floor to check-in.
If you already have your seat and had your baggage checked in through to your destination, please proceed passport control and to the gate.

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