Updated : 2016/1/4

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On the left of Concourse A, there is Concourse B (Terminal 3), where you can get on shuttle train. You can move to Concourse C (Terminal 1) on foot.

Upon arrival in Dubai, passengers connecting to Emirates flights need to hand in the boarding pass for the connecting flight that was issued on departure from Japan. Please check the monitors for the number of your departure gate, and make your way there. Passengers who do not have a connecting boarding pass, and passengers who are connecting to airlines other than Emirates, need to present the baggage claim tags for their checked baggage and complete check-in procedures at the transfers counter.
If you are transferring to an airline other than Emirates, please check your departure terminal. Terminal 1 can be reached on foot, while Terminal 2 is reached by a connecting bus. At Dubai Airport, you hand in your airline ticket at the departure gate (except for e-tickets). Please ensure you keep it to hand so you can present it to departure gate staff.

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