CHARLES DE GAULLE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTFlights operated by JAL depart from and
arrive at Terminal 2E.

Updated : 2016/1/4

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About transfers to non- oneworld airlines.


The departure terminal depends on the connecting flight. After arrival, please check the departure terminal of your connecting flight on the information board.
When transferring to a domestic flight or a flight within the Schengen Zone (excluding certain countries), please carry out immigration procedures at Charles de Gaulle Airport before proceeding to the departure terminal for your connecting flight.

Terminal map

Terminal 2 is located in front of Terminal 2E/Gate K, on the right hand side is Terminal 2G and Terminal 2A~2D are on the left. You can transfer between each terminal transfer via shuttle bus or circular bus. You can transfer to Terminal 1 or Terminal 3 via CDGVAL.

Terminal guidance of oneworld member airlines

=oneworld member airlines

Terminal 2A
  • British Airways (BA)
  • Cathay Pacific Airways (CX)
Terminal 2C
  • American Airlines (AA)
Terminal 2D
  • Finnair (AY)
Terminal 2E
  • Japan Airlines (JL)

Except for the above airlines, please check below.

Terminal guidance of airlines

Passengers transferring to oneworld member airlines

The following oneworld member airlines are found at Charles de Gaulle International Airport:

  • American Airlines (AA)
  • British Airways (BA)
  • Cathay Pacific (CX)
  • Finnair (AY)
  • Royal Jordanian (RJ)

About transfers to non- oneworld airlines.

Boarding pass

  • Japan Airlines (JL) passengers connecting onto oneworld member airline flights should receive a boarding pass for the oneworld member airline flight upon departure from Japan.
  • If you do not have your connecting boarding pass, please proceed to the departure terminal for your connecting flight and carry out the check-in procedure at the connecting airline's transfer counter.

Checked baggage

Please collect your checked baggage at the "final destination" recorded on the baggage claim tag you received upon departure. If you did not check your baggage through to your final destination, you will need to complete arrival procedures into France at the arrival terminal, collect your baggage, and then proceed to the terminal for your departure flight where you will need to check the baggage in again at the departures counter for your connecting airline.

Moving between terminals

Japan Airlines (JL) flights arrive at Charles de Gaulle International Airport Terminal 2E.

oneworld member airline terminals

Airlines Terminal
British Airways (BA), Cathay Pacific (CX), Royal Jordanian (RJ) Terminal 2A
American Airlines (AA) Terminal 2C
Finnair (AY) Terminal 2D
Moving around before Immigration
Blue shuttle bus around Terminal 2
E (Gate K) → C/A → B → F/E (Gate L) → E (Gate M) → E (Gate K)
Yellow shuttle bus around Terminal 2
G → E (Gate M) → E (Gate L) → E (Gate K) → G
Green shuttle bus to Terminal 1
A → Terminal 1
Moving around after Immigration
Terminal 2 shuttle bus
N1: E → Car Park → F → TGV Station → D → B → A → C → E
N2: F → G → F
Monorail to Terminal 1 CDGVAL
TGV Station → PX → Terminal 3 → PR → Terminal 1


At Charles de Gaulle International Airport, you will find the following oneworld lounges.

American Airlines (AA)

Lounge Terminal
Admirals Club Terminal 2A, near gates A37-39

Cathay Pacific (CX)

Lounge Terminal
First Class Lounge Terminal 2A mezzanine
(Restricted to Cathay Pacific First Class passengers and oneworld Emerald members.)
Business Class Lounge Terminal 2A mezzanine
  • *In order to use a oneworld member airline lounge, you need to show a oneworld membership card with "elite status".
    (If you are unable to present the card, you will not be admitted to the lounge.)
  • Please see the terminal map to find the locations of the two lounges above.
  • Please see for more information on the rules (eligibility) for using the two lounges above.


Codeshare flights with Air France

Barcelona / Stockholm / Warsaw / Lyon / Nice / Munich / Berlin / Hamburg / Copenhagen / Prague / Dsseldorf
Terminal 2F
  • *Air France (AF) uses almost all terminals from 2A through to 2G. As the terminal is different depending on the destination, please be sure to check the TV monitors located around the terminal buildings.
Transfers to Orly Airport
If you are transferring to Orly Airport, please carry out immigration procedures at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Baggage cannot be checked through, so please allow plenty of time. The bus stop for Orly Airport is located at Exit 8 of Terminal 2E. The bus runs every 30 minutes, the cost is EUR 20, and the travel time is 50-60 minutes.
Transfers to the TGV
After Immigration, please travel on foot to the TGV Station.

Passengers transferring from oneworld member airlines to Japan Airlines

Boarding pass

Passengers transferring from oneworld member airlines to Japan Airlines should receive a boarding pass for flight JL46/416 at the departure airport. (*)

  • *Passengers connecting between JAL ⇔ oneworld flights (including oneworld and JAL codeshare flights), will be issued a boarding pass for their connecting flight on departure. However, system issues can sometimes mean that the connecting boarding pass cannot be issued. In this event, you will need to carry out check-in procedures again at the connecting airport.

Checked baggage

If you are connecting from an airport within Europe and you checked your baggage through to your final destination at your departure point, you do not need to collect your baggage at Charles de Gaulle International Airport.


Air France L'ESPACE Lounge

After going through the baggage inspection area (security check), please turn left and take the elevator to level 1.

  • For more information about this lounge, please check below.
  • Please see here for rules (eligibility) on using the Japan Airlines Lounge.

Passport check

Even if you have a boarding pass, you need to present your passport information to the Immigration Bureau in advance of your flight, so please approach the counter or a boarding gate official.

Minimum Connecting Time (Approximate)

JAL (Terminal 2E) Terminal 2ABCDEF 90 minutes
(JAL → British Airways (BA) only: 180 minutes)
Terminal 2G 120 minutes
Terminal 1
Terminal 3 180 minutes
Orly Airport

    • Please be aware that transfer times can sometimes be longer.
    • Depending on the connecting airline, connecting times may be longer than those listed above.
    • For more information, please contact the Japan Airlines Reservations Center.

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