About JAL Group's Passenger Service System transformation scheduled on November 16, 2017

Thank you for your continuous patronage to the JAL Group.
Some services are temporarily unavailable at the moment affected by the transformation of Passenger Service System implemented on November 16, 2017 (Thu).

For users of JAL's global site (except Japan Region), please refer to "System Outage Period due to migration of Passenger Service System (except Japan Region)".

Request to customers

  • We expect congestions at airport counters after the system transformation. Please bring along your e-ticket itinerary/receipt or other documents with your flight booking information on the flight date, and arrive at the airport as early as possible.

Currently unavailable services

Temporary service change or suspension
on international routes

Updated on November 20, 2017 10:00 a.m.

Advance seat selection

From November 15, 2017 to December 13, 2017

Advance seat selection on JAL-operated international flights departing during the above period must be made at least 48 hours before departure. If you wish to select or change your seat, please do so at least 48 hours in advance.

  • *From 48 hours prior to flight departure, seat reservation is to be done at the airport on the day of departure. (Please note that seat reservations cannot be made over the phone.)

The above service restriction period varies depending on the airport. Please see below for more details.

Passenger Service System transformation schedule at airport

Web check-in

Web check-in will not be available during the following periods. Please check in at the airport.

From November 16, 2017 to December 13, 2017:
Web check-in will be resumed for each airport sequentially.

From November 16, 2017, some changes will be applied to web check-in procedures. Please see below for more details.

Changes of international web check-in due to transformation of Passenger Service System

Airport check-in counter and Self Check-in Machines (Kiosk)

Narita Airport: from November 16, 2017 to November 26, 2017

The check-in counters and Self Check-in Machines (Kiosk) available at Narita Airport differ for each flight (or hour). For details, please check at the airport.

Boarding procedures at airport

Restrictions apply to the following services.

  1. E-ticket itinerary/receipt cannot be collected at the Self Check-in Machines (Kiosk). Please obtain your e-ticket itinerary/receipt in advance from the place where your ticket was purchased.
  2. Through check-in will not be available for connection from international flight to JAL domestic flight. Please check in your domestic connecting flight (including baggage) at the departure airport.
  3. For passengers transferring to an international flight from another international flight, through check-in may not be available depending on the itinerary. Please ask for details at the first international flight departure airport.

Since the service resumption date varies depending on the airport, please see below for more details.

Passenger Service System transformation schedule at airport

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