To customers who have reservation (tickets) to / from Osaka Kansai International Airport

Thank you for your patronage of the JAL Group.
Kansai International Airport (KIX) was closed due to heavy damage to the airport facilities by the typhoon JEBI, but Japan Airlines will resume all flights operations from September 21st. Please refer detail schedule since today as below.

September 21, 2018 -

Route Flight Number Departure Arrival
Los Angeles Osaka (Kansai)→Los Angeles JL060 17:25 12:15
Los Angeles→Osaka (Kansai) JL069 14:05 18:15 (Next Day)
Bangkok Osaka (Kansai)→Bangkok JL727 0:55 4:40
Bangkok→Osaka (Kansai) JL728 23:00 06:30 (Next Day)
Taipei (Taoyuan) Osaka (Kansai)→Taipei (Taoyuan) JL813 09:10 11:05
Taipei (Taoyuan)→Osaka (Kansai) JL816 12:15 16:00
Osaka (Kansai)→Taipei (Taoyuan) JL815 19:35 21:35
Taipei (Taoyuan)→Osaka (Kansai) JL814 08:40 12:25
Honolulu Osaka (Kansai)→Honolulu JL8792 19:05 08:10
Honolulu→Osaka (Kansai) JL8791 10:25 14:15 (Next Day)
Shanghai(Pudong) Osaka(Kansai)→Shanghai(Pudong) JL891 10:10 11:45
Shanghai(Pudong)→Osaka(Kansai) JL894 13:20 16:45
Osaka(Kansai)→Shanghai(Pudong) JL897 14:40 16:15
Shanghai(Pudong)→Osaka(Kansai) JL898 18:10 21:35

In addition, boarding at Kansai International Airport will be handled at Terminal 1. (Terminal upon arrival will also be Terminal 1)

Check-in Counter for international flight on September 21-October 10

*You can check in from 7:00 for any flight that depends that day (close from 10:00 to 12:00)
*Check in counter H - for all International flights

Ticket changes and refunds for departures and arrivals at Kansai International Airport

For those of you who have a ticket either departing or arriving at Kansai International Airport until September 20th are eligible for ticket change and refund without any fees. Please contact our reservation center.
However, flights those operations have been resumed to/from Kansai International Airport are excluded.
Please note that a full refund for a ticket purchased on JAL website and before the travel commencement is available through the "Manage booking" page.

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September 14, 2018
Japan Airlines

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