Launch of Weekly Menu for Nigiri-zushi Service in Narita Airport International First Class Lounge

JAL offers a nigiri-zushi service, in which a sushi chefs prepare and serve hand-pressed sushi in front of the customers’ eyes, in the dining area of our First Class Lounge for international flights on the third floor of the Main Building at Narita Airport. To provide greater enjoyment with a fresh feeling each time our valued customers use this service, the menu will be changed every week starting from September 21, 2017.

Scheduled weekly menu

9/21 - 9/27
Maguro (Tenmi), Atlantic salmon, Rolled egg
9/28 - 10/4
Maguro (Medium Toro), Squid, Rolled egg
10/5 - 10/11
Maguro (Tenmi), Atlantic salmon, Rolled egg
10/12 - 10/18
Maguro (Medium Toro), Octopus, Rolled egg
10/19 - 10/25
Maguro (Tenmi), Shrimp, Rolled egg
10/26 - 11/1
Maguro (Medium Toro), Squid, Rolled egg
* Image is for illustration purposes.

For information on weekly menus each month, please visit the following site.

Narita JAL First Class Lounge FOOD MENU

September 20, 2017
Japan Airlines

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