Change of Lounge at Singapore Changi International Airport

Thank you for your patronage of the JAL Group.
Please be informed that the lounge service at Singapore Changi International Airport will change to “dnata Lounge” from July 27, 2017 due to the termination of our agreement with the current “SATS Premier Club Lounge” on July 26, 2017.

Date of Change

  • Until July 26, 2017   SATS Premier Club Lounge (current lounge)
  • From July 27, 2017   dnata Lounge (new lounge) *Started using JL712 (July 27)

Overview of New Lounge

  1. Name of lounge:
    dnata Lounge
  2. Location:
    After going through Immigration, take the escalator in front on the right hand side to the third floor. The lounge is located on the right in the rear. (See map)
  3. Seats:
    233 seats
  4. Facilities:
    Buffet corner, shower booths, etc.
  5. Meals and drinks:
    With the change to the new lounge, special curry will be newly served. Hot meals including local Singaporean food is also served. Furthermore, Australia’s popular coffee chain, Hudsons Coffee, is available. For flights departing in the morning, coffee will be prepared and served by a barista*.
    * Service hours 6:10-17:00
  6. Information:
    Information will be provided at the departure check-in counter.
(Map)dnata Lounge

July 12, 2017
Japan Airlines

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