New format of Reservation Number for domestic flight booking

With effective from May 10, 2017, following changes will be apply to the Reservation Number for JAL domestic flight booking.

  • The same Reservation Number will be applied to the whole round-trip (or transit) itinerary. Reservation Number will be issued per reservation record.

  • Reservation Number will not be revised after any changes of the reservation.

  • The format of Reservation Number will be changed from 4-digit number to 6-digit alphanumerical characters (e.g. from "0234" to "ABC234").

  • *For JAL Domestic Award Tickets, the new Reservation Number will be consist of "S" and the previous Reservation Number (e.g. S0234).

Please note the following new handling regarding the changes of Reservation Number.

Reservation made before May 10, 2017 Reservation made on/after May 10, 2017
The previous 4-digit Reservation Number can still be used for all procedures before boarding, such as managing booking on JAL website, or check-in at the Self Service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosk at airports.
In addition, the new 6-digit Reservation Number will be advised on JAL websites after May 10, 2017. You may access to your reservation with the 4-digit Reservation Number and check the new 6-digit Reservation Number.
The new 6-digit Reservation Number will be advised at the time of making new booking or reservation change.

  • *The system setting on JAL websites for this change will start from May 9, 2017. The new 6-digit Reservation Number may not be used for reservation search on the same day. In such case, please try to search on the next day, or contact us (Domestic Reservation and Information).

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May 9, 2017
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