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International in-flight internet service JAL SKY Wi-Fi. A comfortable internet environment brings everybody traveling the skies closer together. Expanding services on routes to Europe, America and Jakarta! Available routes

For Diamond and JGC Premier members - International Flight Wi-Fi Cashback Promotion. There is cashback for all usage fee when you pay for our reputed international flight in-flight internet service JAL SKY Wi-Fi by JALCARD. (free in real terms)>>For more details, click here.

Service overview

A fee-based, in-flight Wi-Fi connection service that supports passengers' own smart phones, notebook computers and other wireless LAN devices.
Upon connection through Wi-Fi, you will be able to enjoy reading web pages, checking your email, and updating social media networks.

Available routes

Tokyo(Narita) - New York(JL005/006)/Chicago/Los Angeles/Frankfurt/Jakarta(JL725/726)
Tokyo(Haneda) - London/Paris(JL045/046)

Available classes

First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, Economy Class (all classes)

Available devices

Passengers' own wireless LAN devices (smart phones, notebook computers etc.)

Usage instructions

Usage fees

* 1 hour plan
Usage time: 1 hour
Usage fee: $11.95
* Flight plan
Usage time: 24 hours
Usage fee: $21.95

Also! You can save by paying with the following credit cards!

JAL Card, JAL USA CARD, JAL / Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Card

* 1 hour plan
: $11.95 ⇒ $10.75!
* Flight plan
: $21.95 ⇒ $19.75!

How to use the service

1.First, please configure your device as follows.
  • [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]
    Ensure that "Settings" ⇒ "Airplane Mode" is enabled, then turn on "Wi-Fi"

  • [Android devices]
    Ensure that "Settings" ⇒ "Wireless & Networks" ⇒ "Airplane Mode" is enabled, then turn on "Wi-Fi"

2.How to connect
  • On your "Connect to wireless network" screen, please select "JapanAirlines".
    When you open your browser, the JAL SKY Wi-Fi site will automatically be displayed.

  • Please select a method of payment.
    The following page will ask you for your credit card information; please follow the instructions to proceed.

* For further details on how to use the service, please see the on-board leaflets in the seat pockets.

  • For the reason that the Wi-Fi is sent via communications satellites, please be aware that the mobile broadband might be interrupted or unavailable, depending on time and location of the aircraft.
  • Some lags in speed might occur when downloading or streaming videos.
    Congestion might occur when a lot of people are using the in-flight Internet service at the same time.

JAL SKY Wi-Fi frequently asked questions

If you have any questions regarding JAL SKY Wi-Fi, Purchase process and Troubleshooting please refer to the Q&A section.

Inquiries about the service

Internet connection service provider: T-Mobile

tel: 0034-800-401148 (free call. Japanese and English language available) *1
(86) 1059240079 (International call. Japanese and English language available) *2
*1 The phone call cannot be made on an IP phone.
*2 Call costs are at customer expense.

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