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International in-flight internet service JAL SKY Wi-Fi. A comfortable internet environment brings everybody traveling the skies closer together. From December, expanding services on San Francisco and Sydney routes! Discount campaign is on!  Enjoy Wi-Fi in flight! Available routes

Special discount offers are available until March 2015!

All JMB members can redeem their miles to get coupon for JAL SKY Wi-Fi. Click here for more details.

Service overview

A fee-based, in-flight Wi-Fi connection service that supports passengers' own smart phones, notebook computers and other wireless LAN devices.
Upon connection through Wi-Fi, you will be able to enjoy reading web pages, checking your email, and updating social media networks.

For the reason that the Wi-Fi is sent via communications satellites, please be aware that the mobile broadband might be interrupted or unavailable, depending on time and location of the aircraft.

Available routes

Tokyo(Narita) - New York(JL005/006) / Chicago / Los Angeles / Jakarta(JL725/726) / Sydney
Tokyo(Haneda) - London / Paris / San Francisco

* On Sydney bound flights, service is not available 2 to 3 hours before arrival to Sydney or after departure from Sydney.

Available classes

First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, Economy Class (all classes)

Available devices

Passengers' own wireless LAN devices (smart phones, notebook computers etc.)

Usage instructions

Usage fees

Special discount offers are available until March 2015 !

1 hour plan
Usage time* : 1 hour
Usage fee: $11.95 ⇒ $10.15
Flight plan
Usage time* : 24 hours
Usage fee: $21.95 ⇒ $18.80

Also! You can save by paying with the following credit cards!

JAL Card, JAL USA CARD, JAL / Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Card

1 hour plan
: $10.75 ⇒ $9.15
Flight plan
: $19.75 ⇒ $16.80

* Hours passed since you first logged on.

How to use the service

1.First, please configure your device as follows.
  • [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]
    Ensure that "Settings" ⇒ "Airplane Mode" is enabled, then turn on "Wi-Fi"

  • [Android devices]
    Ensure that "Settings" ⇒ "Wireless & Networks" ⇒ "Airplane Mode" is enabled, then turn on "Wi-Fi"

2.How to connect
  • On your "Connect to wireless network" screen, please select "JapanAirlines".
    When you open your browser, the JAL SKY Wi-Fi site will automatically be displayed.

  • Please select a method of payment.
    The following page will ask you for your credit card information; please follow the instructions to proceed.

* For further details on how to use the service, please see the on-board leaflets in the seat pockets.


Some lags in speed might occur when downloading or streaming videos.
Congestion might occur when a lot of people are using the in-flight Internet service at the same time.

JAL SKY Wi-Fi frequently asked questions

If you have any questions regarding JAL SKY Wi-Fi, Purchase process and Troubleshooting please refer to the Q&A section.

Inquiries about the service

<For inquiries about registering an account, internet access, or other inflight Wi-Fi service questions>

Internet connection service provider: T-Mobile

tel: 0034-800-401148 (free call. Japanese and English language available) *1
(86) 1059240079 (International call. Japanese and English language available) *2
*1 The phone call cannot be made on an IP phone.
*2 Call costs are at customer expense.

<For inquiries about this promotion>

JAL SKY Wi-Fi Desk

freedial0120-251-750 9:00~17:30 daily ,except Sat.,Sun.,public holidays,Year End and new Year Holidays
Please use the following number when calling from mobile phones or from outside Japan. [toll call]
03-6745-7796 9:00~17:30 daily ,except Sat.,Sun.,public holidays,Year End and new Year Holidays

For JMB members in regions other than Japan, please contact the JAL Mileage Bank Center of your region.

For Diamond and JGC Premier members - International Flight Wi-Fi Cashback Promotion. There is cashback for all usage fee when you pay for our reputed international flight in-flight internet service JAL SKY Wi-Fi by JALCARD. (free in real terms) For JMB DIAMOND members For more details, click here. For JGC PREMIER members For more details, click here.

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