Seats/Class J An added level of comfortable seats that maximize relaxation

An added level of seat comfort

Class J seats, designed to achieve perfection in relaxation.
The texture of these exceedingly luxurious genuine leather seats (SKY NEXT aircraft only) have an eminently pleasant feel.

  • *Certain seats may differ depending on aircraft and flight route.

Seat specifications

Seat reclining

The seat slides forward when the seat back is moved to the reclining position. Even when fully reclined, class J seats only recede half the distance of standard seats, leaving more open space between seat rows.

Seat pitch (distance between a row of seats)

Seat pitch is about 97cm, 18cm wider than Economy Class.
Generous average seat width of 47cm.

  • *Including armrest width

Leg rest

Leg rests can be adjusted to the desired angle.

Head rest

Head rest can be adjusted up or down. You can also bend the sides up to fit your head.

Jacket hook and holder

The holder on the lower portion of the forward seat can be used to conveniently store small items. Coats and carry on luggage can be stored in the upper compartments.

Large table

A sizable table that can accommodate A4 size laptops and magazines.

Control box

Control operations vary by aircraft. Please refer to JAL's inflight magazine SKYWARD for the user guide and the list of available video and audio programs.

Center control

High-quality genuine leather
* SKY NEXT aircraft only

  • Seat size specifications

    Seat pitch: average 97cm (economy class seat: about 79cm)

    Seat width: average 47cm (economy class seat: about 44cm)

    Center armrest width (top): average 18cm (economy class seat: about 6cm)

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